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Was the medals worth it for the countries ? How will all the participating countries asses their Tokyo Olympics performance.
I can say almost all had a good Olympics in Tokyo

* The US, despite a dip in medals compared to Rio, has managed to top of the rankings in both gold medals and total medals.

*China winning more medals after the Rio fiasco, but a bit short of their goal of topping the medal table.
You can read this article how China became so good in less than two decades in swimming, athletics etc. They have scientists that work with athletes to harness their techniques.

There is a downside, while China has gained advantage in sports like weightlifting, table tennis, diving and made strides in athletics, canoening and swimming because of scientists, Team events where China is still weak (Basketball, Vollleyball, Water Polo, Handball etc) is still a puzzle as you do not need scientists to figure out, You need TACTICS.

*Japan exceeded expectations by winning the most medals they ever had in a single Olympics, and with 27 gold medals they are placed 3rd in gold medal ranking.

*GBR having a dip also from Rio, but managed to place 4th in gold medals.

*ROC (Unofficially Russia)
They won more medals here than Rio, 20 golds and 3rd in overall medal table, and that is with two limbs out with Less than 10 athletics competing and no weightlifting delegates, 2 sports they use to medal.

* France having a good Olympics will multiple team golds

* India winning its second only gold medal.

* Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, Cuba, Kosovo, Philippines having good results

*San Marino a tiny tiny country winning medals

Your Thoughts ?
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Great Britain has done a lot better than was predicted. Gracenotes only predicted 14 golds.

I think overall most countries expected to medal have outdone even their predictions probably at the expense of the US.


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It was our equal most successful Olympics ever, with 17 golds, the same as our count at Athens in 2004. And we came so close, so very close, to 18.

Of course we won most of our golds in the pool, but it was quite fun to see us collect in unusual sports or sports where we don't normally compete strongly. I feel like our track and field program has progressed quite a lot, and we're no longer turning up to those events just for PBs, we're turning up looking at hardware. There are lots of new stars here that didn't come from the pool that Aussies are eager to see again in Paris.

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Medal Table Top 20 (+/- 2016)
1. USA (=)
2. China (+1)
3. Japan (+3)
4. Britain (-2)
5. "Russia" (-1)
6. Australia (+4)
7. The Netherlands (+4)
8. France (-1)
9. Germany (-4)
10. Italy (-1)
11. Canada (+9)
12. Brazil (+1)
13. New Zealand (+6)
14. Cuba (+4)
15. Hungary (-3)
16. South Korea (-8)
17. Poland (+16)
18. Czech Republic (+25)
19. Kenya (-4)
20. Norway (+54)

This also shows how the medal table isn't everything, because Italy dropped a place but won more medals and had gigantic success in track and field that dazzled everyone. It's not just the medals, but where you win them.

Canada is certainly thrilled with this, our best Olympics ever (other than 1984). There was a lull in the start of the second week that had some people a bit pessimistic, but then the gold medals came in a rush in the final days (one literally in the final hours).


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Interesting article——harnessing technology for missile guidance for sport.


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Interesting article——harnessing technology for missile guidance for sport.
They used a wind tunnel to study aerodynamics - not exactly cutting edge - it's been used to study the impact of aerodynamics on athletes for many years. For example the helmets that the track cyclists where were developed using data from wind tunnel tests.


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Well this is another way to assess a medal. Good grief! :yikes:


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