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Wishing I could go back to the Lake Placid JGP
Now that Han YAN is BACK :) (he was assigned to the Cup of China Grand Prix back in June), here's a new cheer thread named in honor of this fan account on Twitter:

Posted originally on June 30 in the Chinese news thread in GSD:
Han Yan performed his new FS 'La La Land' as a special guest at a local junior competition yesterday. Here is a clip

That weibo also mentioned that he landed 3A3T successfully during practice. :respec:
Han Yan brought back his Olympic season SP ("A Thousand Years" by Boyce Avenue) at the domestic competition in Hailar (inner Mongolia) a few days ago:
46.89 (TES)+43.40 (PCS)=90.29

"FS 3A3T 3A so 3F2T 3S 3Lo 3Lz2T 3F 77.56+88.30=165.86!" (happy kiss & cry screen shot sitting in between Jian TONG and his previous female coach Shuguang JIA):
His FS video is likely on weibo... ca anyone provide a link?

ETA link to a FS practice run through (to hear his program's music edits):
Anyone know the name of the male vocalist who covers "City of Stars" and "The Audition"?

He worked with Yuka Sato & Kurt Browning on this FS at the Detroit Skating Club back in January:
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Any scoop on his overall health? Has he fully recovered from the injuries that plagued him the year before last?

And is the Chinese Fed supportive of his return to skating? I'm assuming they are if they gave him a spot at COC, but weren't they trying to push him to change to dance?


Wishing I could go back to the Lake Placid JGP


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Woohoo! Welcome Han Yan back to GP series! :cheer2:

Photos & cute clip from CoC a pracitce/Team China pre-CoC event.

This page on weibo has photos etc from CoC practice/events etc.


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Although it totally ruined my predictions I am very happy to see Han Yan at the top after the SP. keep up the good work.

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