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Due to a shortage of Learn to Skate teachers at one rink where I teach, I am teaching classes with multiple levels in them. I'm fine teaching this one class that has Basic 2-5 in it. At least the Basic 2 kids can move, so I'm able to do things like have the Basic 2 kids glide forward on one foot, while the Basic 3+ kids do the same move but backwards, etc.

The issue is the class I have that has six kids at Basic 1, and the remaining four kids at Basic 3, 4 and 5. The problem is that since Basic 1 is "I can barely move out here, sit down stand up on the ice, march march march glide" and Basic 4 is forward crossovers, etc., I have to split the class into two groups for most of the class, which means I go to one group, show them what to do, then go to the other group, show them what to do, then go to the first group... I don't have time to work with individual kids, and I don't have time to even watch them do what I tell them to do, because I'm over with the other group.

Has anyone else dealt with a class like this, and has any advice? Remember, the Basic 1 kids are just learning to stand up on skates; so I really can't have them do the same moves as the other kids or even be on the same section of ice without them getting run over. Basic 1 is literally fall down get up, march forward, dip in place, stuff like that there.
Can you get on the ice before the kids? How much space on the ice do you have? If you can, I'd come up with a circuit or maybe two drawn on the ice to work on whatever you want to work on. Maybe the slower kids have an inside track, faster kids outside. You could add things as the session progresses, pull out a kid (or group) that needs a little extra help or introduction to a new skill, change direction at some point and just adjust as necessary. I have had some groups with much different skill levels but I've always had helpers, thankfully.

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