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Sorry, but I think I may show some articles.

Evgeni Korotyshkin decided to answer after the case when Ryan Murphy mentioned the possibility of doping.
Korotyshkin defends Rylov and also says: “We know how Americans prepare to a start. In the waiting room all of them take asthma medications or who knows what else. /…/ Does it mean that only people with health issues participate in the team USA?”
(according to the rules, an athlete having health issues can obtain a permit to take prohibited medicine – such cases are called therapeutic use exemptions)

I decided to find the info about therapeutic use exemptions among Russian athletes.
I found the answer in this article. It says in 2016 15 Russian athletes obtained a permit to have therapeutic use exemptions. In 2017 there were 22 such athletes from Russia. And compares to some other countries: USA – 398, Italy – 372, France – 207.

As for “legally” and “illegally”… not long ago I heard these words about USA: “When gentlemen can’t win according to the rules, the gentlemen change the rules”.

As far as I remember even people on this forum were saying that there were no good reasons to change the rules about meldonium. Maybe people changing the rules think that those who don’t use legal advisers to fight for medals are just stupid?

As for the doping cases, people mention statistics.
I think the statistics is interesting, if somebody thinks other athletes are clean comparing to Russians who were not even supposed to be allowed to participate in competitions.
According to the statistics by WADA (the doping cases), Russia was put on the 1st place in 2018, but in 2016 Russia was on the 6th place together with India (and after Italy, France, USA, Australia, Belgium), in 2017 Russia was on the 5th place (after Italy, France, USA and Brazil).
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