2024 US Nats Womens SP - Qs Will Roll


I do think the judges were a bit generous with the GOEs on those 2 spins for Isabeau, but the program as a whole was beautiful with beautiful flow and positions, and since I'm #TeamIsabeau, I'm fine with the result. That said, I'd like to see Amber skate well in the lp, and may the best woman win on the night.

I also have to say that the gushing of the A's for Amber during the entire warm-up and virtually ignoring Isabeau (who happens to be the defending champion and the GPF qualifier of the bunch) until they couldn't avoid mentioning her because she was on the screen was really something.

I love what Lindsay is doing with her skating. The choreography, transitions, and positions are absolutely beautiful and she is really challenging herself. I'd like her to stay this course. I also think she slowly improves in the rotation, certainly compared to where she was a year ago, but I love her, so I'm speaking as a optimistic fan.
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One thing I just noticed re-watching the short program is doesn’t Isabeau usually put her combo in the second half of the short program? She started off with it in this program.


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It's absurd and frankly embarrassing. NO WONDER THE COACHING DOESN'T CHANGE.
I don't get this. These skaters are skating constantly before International panels and many have the goal of getting into the GPF and on the Worlds and/or 4CCs team. I really doubt that their coaches are saying "hey, that one competition you do all year doesn't care about under-rotations so let's not work on them." If they do, they aren't very good coaches.

No one except for, if I remember correctly, Brian Boitano, who was quoted as saying he heard that Wylie was winning the practices.
And some of his fans. :) I knew he could do that and was so happy (but not surprised) when he did.

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