2024 US Nats Womens SP - Qs Will Roll


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Wedgie Data

Starting Order

1 Lindsay Wang, Los Angeles FSC
2 Michelle Lee, Broadmoor SC
3 Brooke Gewalt, Wagon Wheel FSC
4 Wren Warne-Jacobsen, Go4Gold Shakopee Skating Academy
5 Alex Evans, SC of New York
6 Katie Shen, Glacier Falls FSC
7 Sarah Everhardt, Washington FSC
8 Soho Lee, Glacier Falls FSC
9 Josephine Lee, All Year FSC
10 Mia Kalin, St. Moritz ISC
11 Sonja Hilmer, Centennial SC
12 Elyce Lin-Gracey, Pasadena FSC
13 Clare Seo, Broadmoor SC
14 Starr Andrews, Los Angeles FSC
15 Audrey Shin, SC of New York
16 Lindsay Thorngren, SC of New York
17 Amber Glenn, Dallas FSC
18 Isabeau Levito, SC Of Southern New Jersey


Wrangling the duvet into the cover
This is a full day of skating!!!
Both my tablet and phone need juice!
Looks like the gate hold for dance didn’t give them enough time for the resurface and for the TV crews to get a rest room break.


Glad to be back!
Adam and Ashley talked a whole lot less during the skating, so hopefully that will continue.

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