2024 US Nats Men FS: Succession would be The Impossible Dream but Silver is Up For Grabs


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In relation to @Sally1214 observations - or maybe it's more Mr Sally's observations - skaters are always told, you can control what you do on the ice but you can't control what the judges do.
I'm sorry Jason didn't skate better (and he probably is too) but I also think he's been around long enough to know that he got some pretty generous judging. It's not his fault that the judges decided to push him at the expense of skaters who, objectively and subjectively, skated better. But he's not going to get that generous judging every time.

If we should be mad at anyone, it's the judges and officials.
I am not so sure skaters always know whether the scores are generous. I mean we watch the whole event live in order of the skates. We came away with the impression that he did 'poorly' because two others skated better and we have seen him better. Therefore he was overmarked.
But what if Camden and Max fell three times? We would have considered Jason's skates to be decent enough for silver.
But the skater in question has to have watched the other two skates preferably along with his own, in the right skating order even, to come up with our impression


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Fan cams.

Two Cavaradossis in one flight is excessive. :judge:
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