2024 US Nats Free Dance - Prevagen: The Story of a KnC Tragedy


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Wedgie Data

Starting Order

1 Cara Murphy, Arctic FSC/Joshua Levitt, Pittsburgh FSC 13 36.54
2 Klara Kowar, Aspen SC/Thomas Schwappach, Denver Colorado FSC 12 53.29
3 Raffaella Koncius, Los Angeles FSC/Alexey Shchepetov, FSC of Southern California 11 58.00
4 Angela Ling, Peninsula SC/Caleb Wein, Washington FSC 10 66.13
5 Isabella Flores, Thunderbirds FSC/Ivan Desyatov, Thunderbirds FSC 9 69.38
6 Katarina Wolfkostin, Peninsula SC/Dimitry Tsarevski, Peninsula SC 8 70.40
7 Eva Pate, Strongsville SC/Logan Bye, SC of New York 7 73.81
8 Oona Brown, SC of New York/Gage Brown, SC of New York 6 76.44
9 Emilea Zingas, St. Clair Shores FSC/Vadym Kolesnik, SC of New York 5 77.59
10 Emily Bratti, Washington FSC/Ian Somerville, Washington FSC 4 78.14
11 Caroline Green, Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights/Michael Parsons, Washington FSC 3 80.91
12 Christina Carreira, SC of New York/Anthony Ponomarenko, SC of San Francisco 2 83.19
13 Madison Chock, All Year FSC/Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC 1 92.17
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drinky typo pbp, closet hugger (she/her)
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Well, the Amber-centric thread titles certainly worked to her advantage in the Women's comp, so here's hoping the CarPon-centric thread titles continue to work in their favor!
There is honestly no agenda - I'm actually a G/P fan, but there's not much I can do with the Portland Cello Project when Nats are in Ohio :saint:

Well shewt, I guess I could have gone with The Prevagen Cancer Project. Oh well, too late now!


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Well, I'm watching on NBC. I don't think I can stand to hear Ashley anymore. I'm so glad we have a choice this time around.


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Is this going to be two groups of four and one of five, ice make after the first?

Wondering about walking my dog :dog:
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Remember how from 2015 to 2022 USFS bounced Chock/Bates and Hubbell/Donohue around the podium? Honestly wonder if they are going to do the same with CarPon and Green/Parsons through the next Olympic cycle?

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