2022 Worlds Womens FS - Hallelujah this Season Is Almost Over


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OK, block me if you don't like what I'm going to say. But this is the first ladies' event at worlds in several years that I have actually enjoyed. I don't miss robotic, unexpressive, shrimpy teenage girls with terrible choreography who rack up points from jumping and nothing else. I don't miss them AT ALL. It was so refreshing to see mature, expressive women with beautiful all-round technique.


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This is the kind of skating that will bring back the popularity of the sport. So many interesting, beautiful, mature programs! Every single one of these ladies in the top 10 really brought something different to the table. I appreciate them all so much!

Not missing the Russian women (except maybe Tukt) at all, especially since the two ethnic Russian/Russian-trained women we have in the top 10 are also really great in their own way.

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