2022 World Junior Women Podium Poll

Who will medal?

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Guess you are counting out the Canadian ladies who both have triple/triple in the short?


Why is summer so hot omg
Justine finished 15th and Lia 10th at their JGPs. I think top 10 could be possible for them here but those results don't suggest it over any of the others on the poll.


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Additionally, their SBs are very far below the ones put up by the women @haribobo selected for this poll. There are only 10 options allowed in FSU polls also. Some dark horses (Vivien Papp, Kimmy Repond) were going to be left off.


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I think we may need new category of "Obscure Japanese Skaters" since JPN Junior skaters missed two seasons of JGPS and International events.
Rion (18) and Rinka (19) are both in this category.
Rion Sumiyoshi was 2nd at JPN Junior Nationals, only beaten by incredible Mao Shimada who nailed 4T, there. Rion has been trying her own 4T, but so far unsuccessfully at competitions. Rion has good presence on ice and her "Mulan" free is quite well structured.
Rinka Watanabe was even within JPN "forgotten skater", since she trained in Vancouver, until she was forced to return due to YKW restrictions. She came roaring back at most recent JPN Senior Nationals with a new jump, the 3Ax. I consider her "Carmina Burana" to be the best free program this season.
Good luck to both JPN skaters, and please at least regain 14 slots for JGPS, since we have really promising group coming up in the ranks. Skaters like Mao Shimada (3A, 4T ready), Ami Nakai (3A ready), Ayumi Shibayama should be able to win in JGPS and there are others who are fully capable of podium finish.

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