2022 US Nats Free Dance - Loving the Alien


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It’ll be a few years before we Americans fully appreciate what we had from Belbin/Agosto to now in ice dance. Hopefully the next generation will produce more medal and title contenders in ice dance. The young guns have the skills and potential but you never know how things will progress internationally.

I agree, but I'd take it back further to Lang & Tchernyshev as paving the way for our current abundance in ice dance.


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Re-reading my previous post I realized I forgot C/B! I enjoyed their programs, thought the Alien FD was kinda cool. I prefer H/D because of their power and speed. Both are national champs and deserve all the accolades. I also love a classical skate, so Hawayak/Baker have my heart. I was mesmerized by them. Great ice dance Olympic team!


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I just re watched the top group on NBC as I had previously watched live on the world feed. Interestingly the Chock and Bates dance on the third viewing really clicked with me! Oddest thing but now I really like it even more than Hubble and Donahue.

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