2022 Olys Free Dance CLIFF NOTES - Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Give Us Some Voids, At Least A Few

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Wedgie Data
Olympic Wedgie Data

Ice Dance - Free Dance
Starting Order
Warm-Up Group 1
1NAZAROVA Oleksandra / NIKITIN Maksym
5TURKKILA Juulia / VERSLUIS Matthias
Warm-Up Group 2
8LAJOIE Marjorie / LAGHA Zachary
9WANG Shiyue / LIU Xinyu
10HAWAYEK Kaitlin / BAKER Jean-Luc
Warm-Up Group 3
11FEAR Lilah / GIBSON Lewis
12SMART Olivia / DIAZ Adrian
14GUIGNARD Charlene / FABBRI Marco
Warm-Up Group 4
16STEPANOVA Alexandra / BUKIN Ivan
17CHOCK Madison / BATES Evan
18HUBBELL Madison / DONOHUE Zachary
20PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume


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Warm-Up Group 1

Hanna: Wheeeeeeeeeeeee FDs :cheer: Group 1 got all the best FDs, seriously!! :cheer2: The Armenians are the only ones I don't remember but the other 4 are all SO GOOD! :swoon: All different but great!

Jay42: Nazarova/Nikitin's FD is one of my favourites of the season.
Hanna: I wish Nazarova/NIkitin didn't go first because the program would come across much more :cheer: :inavoid: if there was a boring FD right before. :rofl:

quartz: My favourites aren’t in contention for medals so this is a completely stress-free event for me. I’m just here to be entertained, by the skaters and what I know will be a fantastic pbp

1 NAZAROVA Oleksandra / NIKITIN Maksym UKR - Backstage Romance (Moulin Rouge soundtrack)
Allen: I'm sure glad N/N squeaked into the FD so that we could see this free dance.

Hanna: That hair :rofl: LOVE IT SO MUCH
MacMadame: Bedazzled sleeve on the right, bedazzled hair clips on the left.

MacMadame: Did he make a mistake during that lift? It looked like he was going to drop her and had to adjust.

Hanna: That curve lift :swoon: SO GOOD!

Allen: They may end up 20th, but I guarantee this will be one of my favorite free dances when the night is over.

Hanna: NOw the polka Bad ROmance part :rofl: OMG I LOVE EVERY SECOND And now 5 6 7 8 ! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :inavoid: :cheer: :rofl:

Wyliefan: I don't remember him dipping her into the judges' faces before. :lol:

peibeck: N/N is the punishment those who were laughing about KoKo not making the FD get. :p
wickedwitch: And by punishment, do you mean prize?

Aussie Willy: Oh sh*t I was really enjoying the UKR team. I wasn't expecting that. For a younger team that was actually pretty good for their level of skating and had fun voids eg his head on her chest, some Beyonce, his splits. And for a less experienced team it was a good choice of music for them. They had fun. Oh and the pony tail.

Karen-W: This is one of my favorite FDs of the season! Once you get past the initial WTF, it's just so completely ice dance, Euro trash voidy glory and I am LIVING for it!

beepbeep: This isn’t as voidy as it wants to be.
Karen-W: That's what makes it VOIDY Euro trash glorious!
beepbeep: I lurve me some eurotrash voids! It must be my irrational automatic dislike of anything Moulin Rouge related.

Hanna: Awww the way that they skated backwards to the boards just to take the Olympics in once more. :love: :wuzrobbed

Coco: Ukrainians looked a bit upset when it was over, or where they just gassed?
Hanna: I think they were upset, it was not super well skated. :shuffle: But who cares when it's so much fun :cheer: :love: :inavoid: :encore:

2 GARABEDIAN Tina / PROULX SENECAL Simon ARM - Autumn Leaves (Kosma, Mercer) and Luck Be a Lady (Loesser)
allezfred: First of ten teams from IAM we’ll see tonight/this morning.

tony: I imagine this is the program Soucisse and Firus would've gotten had they stayed in Montreal. I love that camp and 90% of the programs, but this is a total snooze.

Karen-W: Best voidy Euro trash FD of the season is followed by Dire and Vanilla. I'll be back after my 4 minute nap, folks!

Theatregirl1122: I like Garabedian's dress so much more than I like this very dull program.

CantALoop: Mr. Cantaloop getting jealous at how I'm drooling over how Simon Proulx Senecal looks in his suit :love: :grope:
manhn: He looks so much like an ice dance version of Scott Davis.

clairecloutier: That program from the Armenians is so fun, just very pleasant to watch.

Aussie Willy: I thoroughly enjoyed that. Good with the music and nice character and expression. The first part with the slower music was lovely and smooth. Her dress is lovely but it could have been something more along the lines of what you would see in the musical.

wickedwitch: Tanith is pretty much killing every aspect of the program -- poor edge quality, no closed holds -- but she says that at least it's polished.

Matryeshka: You know, if the Armenians were going to skate to standards and wear decent, classically beautiful costumes, they should have just done pairs. :blah: This desperately needs a headband or mesh. That's why they're not respected by the judges; they can't dress right for the occasion.

Allen: Well, the judges sure enjoyed the Armenians more than we did, lol

3 KAZAKOVA Maria / REVIYA Georgy GEO - Charlie Clouser/Xtortion Audio
Allen: Well, at least the snoozy ballroom program is sandwiched between some high OES voids.

Colonel Green: We've barely seen Kazakova/Reviya these past two years, and they only competed once this season, I'm looking forward to seeing their weird horror soundtrack free program in image quality higher than the livestream from the Nebelhorn Trophy.

tony: Thank God for one of the few hopes to get ice dance back to its quirky nonsense stylings, if his body makes it past this season.

Bunny Hop: Yikes, dodgy twizzles from the Georgian team. They both had issues.

floridaice: OMG, what a wedgie!

Baby Yoda On Skates: This is messy but I'm loving it!

Jay42: I would love to see the Georgians do this as an exhibition just so the lights could be low. Really amp up the creepy factor.

Rukia: Did she snap his neck at the end? If so, very cool ending.

Baby Yoda On Skates: This is definitely one program that I'd watch again. Lots of interesting shapes and movement.
MacMadame: Maybe they'll keep it for next year.

Aussie Willy: OMG that was so cool. She is great with her character and expression. I think he is the weaker skater of the two but still engaging to watch. Loved the music choice and they worked so well with it. ... The lift at the start really set the scene.

ChelleC: I wish the Georgians had not been hampered by injury the last two seasons, I would have loved to see this skated to its full potential. But it's so great to see them again!

Colonel Green: That choreo was awesome. The judges definitely weren't digging it, though, looking at the technical score.

thvu: May the Georgians stay injury free so they can keep bringing the voids. :drama:
tony: I will be his damn nurse if that's what it takes.

4 TASCHLEROVA Natalie / TASCHLER Filip CZE - Astor Piazzolla medley
grimey: Natalie wearing a whole WWE Championship belt
Rukia: This dress is too basic for free dance at the Olympics
quartz: Natalie has enough skirt to make a cape too.

Hanna: Also love the Czechs FD! So different from their RD + I like their powerful edges combined with a tango. :cheer2:

MacMadame: That first curve lift went on for a long time. I need Bab's stopwatch.

Theatregirl1122: And this is the part where I THROW MY SISTER TO THE GROUND.

Rukia: This has really been the season of the super wedgie
genevieve: butt floss :yikes: really wasn't prepared for that with the otherwise full coverage dress
missing: I think I'd like ice dance more if occasionally the men had the wedgies.

Wyliefan: Seeing a lot of negative GOE on choreo moves today.

CantALoop: I wish this program was as peppy as their RD (and I also wish that Filip’s costume didn’t have sleeves :grope:), but this program has some lovely moments

tony: One of the fastest-improving teams since.. maybe P/C themselves. Really nice quality, but an energy missing for me (even with that fun RD).

clairecloutier: Liked that from the Czechs. Boy, do they have great fluid knee action. Really nice to watch.

Aussie Willy: Meh that was not tango. They are good skaters but that was not tango. It didn't really have a character or a point of difference in the expression.

5 TURKKILA Juulia / VERSLUIS Matthias FIN - Wild Side/Bruises
Sylvia: Juulia Turkkila/Matthias Versluis are 1st 🇫🇮 ice dancers at the Olympics since Rahkamo/Kokko in 1994!!!

Hanna: Yayyyyy Finns, please do well! :cheer: :yikes:

CantALoop: Ooh that lovely opening lift combo from the Finns :swoon:
Spun Silver: Their rotational lift! 😍

tony: This should be snoozeworthy and predictable ice dance yet I am constantly in love with their skating and their free dances. Such a sweet quality.

beepbeep: Is Finland even capable of having a lady skater without exceptional posture?

MacMadame: When I saw they were skating to Wild Side and Bruises I was expecting something edgier.

Jay42: The Finns skate so well it makes me wish I liked their music more.

Colonel Green: I wish the "Wild Side" part of this program just carried on for the whole thing.

VGThuy: I'm loving this performance so far. The way that overhead, arms extended part of that lift happened, that is much more what I imagined the rules allowing since it was so smooth and quick...unlike Hubbell/Donohue's which seems to be testing that rule to the limit.

clairecloutier: Nice flow from the Finns but I don’t particularly care for the program. It’s a bit snoozy and open. For some reason, it has a pairslike feel to me, more than dance. Well executed, though.

Braulio: LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL... until the last part with the lyrics song it kinda kills the soft and subtle mood we have until the singer starts. But they totally sold it, lifts were awesome. Twizzles a bit iffy from him and the levels for step sequences were low but I really liked them

Hanna: I am so proud. :wuzrobbed Look, the ice dance scene in Finland is ridiculously small, we have about 30 ice dancers in the country altogether between ages 7-27, all centered in one club with Maurizio, most of them rather basic level. To have a team of this level come out of that pool is a miracle. :wuzrobbed :love: Can't put into words. :swoon:


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Warm-Up Group 2

tony: Why does Lagha always look so incredibly pissed off? If you go back to the RD before they got onto the ice for introductions, he had extreme RBF and it's the same here. 'Focus', someone will argue. :lol: (although I guess it could be to balance out her demeanor)...And then after I typed that, Lagha getting extremely pissed off about other people being in his pattern on the warmup :lol:

allezfred: On paper this group looks significantly less interesting than the first. :shuffle:
Former Lurve Goddess: Not just on paper...

Hanna: OK well, group 1 is extremely hard to beat when it comes to :cheer: programs. BUT IN GROUP 2 WE DO GET RIO!!!!! :cheer: 🦜🦜🦜🦜🦜

peibeck: Maksym's deep V plunge is worth the undeserved PCS they will otherwise receive. :p

Theatregirl1122: I'm not sure what to think of Kaliszek's new dress for the FD. It's not unattractive. It just looks like a red, halter-style satin nightie.

6 KALISZEK Natalia / SPODYRIEV Maksym POL - Heart Cry (Perpetual Emotions)/Natural (Imagine Dragons)
tony: I fear the most interesting part of the Poles' free dance will be hoping his top just falls completely off. Then I might find some great qualities to talk about.

Rukia: Woof this program is not good and their skating looks super rough

Bunny Hop: Steps quite sloppy....actually lots of things quite sloppy and a bit awkward or jerky. Usually I can figure out why the judges score how they do even for things that aren't my cup of tea, but I just don't get it for the Poles.

Jay42: I feel like this program wants to be voidy and it just isn't.

ChelleC: The Poles are giving me a headache.

Braulio: First element step sequence and already level 2/3 and low GOE (as it should) not even the choreo moves getting average or +1, +2 The love for them from judges is all gone

Colonel Green: Yes, tech score says Poland is about to drop! :cheer:
EDIT: Oops, they literally fell. :yikes:

CantALoop: Omg splat at the end :eek:
Wyliefan: It looked like he fell right on top of her.
Rukia: Oh geez. Is she bleeding??
Wyliefan: They seem okay. I was scared she was hurt. But she seems all right, thank heaven.
MacMadame: In the replay, you can see he doesn't actually land on her.

Hanna: OK if they're not hurt too badly then I feel like I can point out that that fall was PERFECTLY ON THE BEAT! :respec: :inavoid: ADMIRABLE!

peibeck: :eek: The ending is kind of how I felt about that whole performance. :slinkaway

Karen-W: Well, there's no way the Polish judge can hold them up now, right?

ChelleC: That score was some epic dumpage.
VGThuy: The Poles got last in the FD but third overall so far.

7 DAVIS Diana / SMOLKIN Gleb ROC - Moulin Rouge soundtrack
Vagabond: Tango de Roxane. How exciting! :sleep:

Wyliefan: Will Brennan come out and chase them around the ice?
Braulio: Brenaaaaaaaaaaaan, the Tango de Brenaaaan. And please say one word when I ask youuu

wickedwitch: D/S really lucked out skating after the Poles. They look so smooth in fast in comparison.
allezfred: Davis/Smolkin looking like World champions after the Poles.
Jay42: 3rd place at Worlds for me.

Hanna: I love the TA DAH opening with the rotational lift. :cheer: :swoon: Other than that, I do prefer their RD - go BOOM BOOM POW!

Theatregirl1122: Here we have Tessa and Scott's Olympic FD. but with an even worse dress.
Rukia: If you're going to lift parts of vm's choreo, you should have brought the infamous lifts too
canbelto: MR is not MR without cunnilftus.

VGThuy: It's not my imagination, they had more conviction earlier this season. They look like they're just going through the motions with the choreography and tango taps here.

misskarne: Crawling to a stop during the big climax of Your Song did nothing helpful for them though IMO.

Braulio: His face during the final moment LOL Cringe worthy +5 GOE

tony: A bit tight in places, the exit of one of the late lifts he pitched forward and almost lost it, and of course they aren't the fastest. But I don't think they are really as stiff as some others see, and I don't think their skating is bad at all. Good effort.

NinjaTurtles: I gasped on that lift exit. Thought for sure they’d go down like the Poles.

Rukia: I actually think these two have promise, but I hate MR sooooo yeah. Anyway I hope she flips off Christine Brennan in the knc or something.

Baby Yoda On Skates: I like them. Bad Moulin Rouge and all.

VGThuy: Overscore, yes even at 108.

jamesy: Do they just have a dedicated camera person on Eteri at all times?

8 LAJOIE Marjorie / LAGHA Zachary CAN - Rio soundtrack by John Powell
quartz: Wheee! The bird dance!
JoannaLouise: Yay birds! 🦜 🦜 🦜
MacMadame: It's bird time! (I'm bird pecking on my couch)

Braulio: Marjorie: The Birds from Rio
Lagha: The Birds from Hitchcock

Wyliefan: My gosh, they get close to the boards.

CantALoop: Is Lagha singing with the lyrics? :lol:
Rukia: Christine Brennen should insist he tell them if he's fluent in Portuguese and/or bird.

beepbeep: This is your regular reminder that this Brazilian is yet to see an even half decent samba inspired program.

oleada: Was she off on her first swizzle?
tony: Yeah, at the end two balance checks

MarieM: Well I liked that but the precision is gone after the first 2 minutes.

Jay42: I feel like L/L skated this better earlier in the season.
Rukia: Yes. The birds looked a little tired in their wing flapping tonight.

Hanna: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!! The costumes, the energy level, the music, the choreo.......... everything! :cheer: I'm so glad this program saw the light of day! :love: :swoon: :wuzrobbed A slightly iffy twizzle from her but did not diminish the overall picture!
OK I am already exhausted by how much I love all these programs and skaters, and it's only group 2! :eek:

tony: Seriously, I don't know why his face is making me crack up so much. He has this almost phony over the top presentation when facing the judges and then he just drops it completely to go back to looking pissed off or in total anguish about being on the ice, not sure. I like the energy of the program, but I think they are sloppy.

thvu: I hated that. This Birds program is such a miss. Marie France should have learned from Zhulin’s folly.

VGThuy: Clearly not the class of the field and they could use some work, and they lost some levels they didn't need to (like a levl 1 on the One-foot from him and a level 3 on the twizzle for her) but that was better than Davis/Smolkin and I hope they stay ahead of them.

allezfred: Lagha looks like he is pissed off about something. :eek:
SLIVER: WOW Zach's resting bitch face is of Eteri standards, he hasn't smiled once in week!

Colonel Green: Disappointed that Omicron put the kibosh on Marjorie's bedazzled mask. :(

9 WANG Shiyue / LIU Xinyu CHN - Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends Rukia: Liu looks like a Disney prince in this top and I'm super into it (to the surprise of no one)

Allen: In theory, this should be a good program for W/L, but I just don't feel like it goes anywhere.
Karen-W: I just love this FD from Wang/Liu - probably my fave from them (I'm usually not a fan of Chaplin programs, though they both sold the heck out theirs).

SLIVER: I know there are loads of Wang Liu fans in here but I am sorry this is no where near the same level as the Canadians. It's not even close. What Marjorie does with one push, Wang takes about 10. The ice coverage is incomparable as are the basics.

JoannaLouise: Very cool entrance to the straight line lift!

Wyliefan: Wang/Liu seem to skate smaller than they used to. They still have some beautiful moves, though.
peibeck: I think this team has regressed a lot since not being able to train in Montreal.

Matryeshka: I love Liu's modern interpretation of Chinese culture. Crouching V-Neck, Hidden Mullet. I know they'll never be medal contenders, and as dancers they aren't great, but I just like them.

clairecloutier: I think they are good at really feeling the music and somehow creating a moment and a mood with that. The size difference between them is sometimes noticeable as their strokes and basic movement don’t always match up. But also some really cool moves are made possible by that height difference, like that under-the-knee-back-walkover thing. Nice to see them happy in K&C.

Theatregirl1122: I just love seeing the emotion that so many teams/skaters that aren't competing for medals have been showing about just being on Olympic ice. We have seen it both here and in the men's event. It is giving me the feels.

skatfan: Apparently Marie France lost the coach jacket discussion with the Chinese Fed

10 HAWAYEK Kaitlin / BAKER Jean-Luc USA - Frederic Chopin selections
MacMadame: I'm liking this FD better each time I see it. But the costumes I like less.
oleada: Kaitlyn's dress is horribly unflattering; why does she do this to herself.
Theatregirl1122: You know, we've all hated Kaitlyn's dress, but I don't feel like we've spent enough time hating Jean Luc's shirt. Why is he wearing A BAG!

Baby Yoda On Skates: When is the greasy look going to go out of style?

wickedwitch: I really love this FD for H/B. The elements match so well with the music, similar to how most of P/C's FDs do (although not this year's).

Hanna: The one foot sequence :swoon: GOrgeous! It's in general probably my fave element in the FDs.

VGThuy: Now that I learned about twizzle GOEs, I always look to see if the partners are more than two arms-length from one another during the twizzles.

Rukia: Absolutely gorgeous

Bunny Hop: His turns in particular are so precise. Add me to the group who hates her dress though.

Karen-W: Regardless of how much I dislike both of their costumes, I am just transfixed by this program. It is absolutely exquisite and I'm so happy that HawBak got to skate it at the Olympics. Just gorgeous. Every element and movement just breathes with the music.

oleada: That was so boring and I will remember none of it after it ends.

Jay42: Hawayek and Baker are a team I wish I could like but they do nothing for me.

tony: The opinions on this team are so split, but I really like them and I don't know why they seem to always get lost in the shuffle behind teams that aren't as good. I think their choreography always has some unexpected patterns and quick direction changes, and she's certainly not at his level but it's not like she's bad. I still love Heart of Glass more, but this is stunning. In a fair world this is far away going into 1st and they would move into the top 10 regardless of what two teams in front of them do :p

peibeck: It's terrible that H/B missed so much of the early season due to her concussion. With even more mileage this program, good as it is, could be magical.

Current Overall Standing
Pl. Name Nation Points RD FD
1 HAWAYEK Kaitlin / BAKER Jean-Luc USA 189.74 11 1
2 WANG Shiyue / LIU Xinyu CHN 184.42 12 2
3 LAJOIE Marjorie / LAGHA Zachary CAN 181.02 13 3
4 DAVIS Diana / SMOLKIN Gleb ROC 179.82 14 4
5 TURKKILA Juulia / VERSLUIS Matthias FIN 173.88 16 5
6 TASCHLEROVA Natalie / TASCHLER Filip CZE 168.32 17 7
7 KALISZEK Natalia / SPODYRIEV Maksym POL 167.31 15 10
8 GARABEDIAN Tina / PROULX SENECAL Simon ARM 167.03 19 6
9 KAZAKOVA Maria / REVIYA Georgy GEO 164.33 18 9
10 NAZAROVA Oleksandra / NIKITIN Maksym UKR 162.87 20 8


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Warm-Up Group 3

Colonel Green: Wow, Piper & Paul brought different costumes for the team and dance events? I wonder if we'll see more teams do that in a future.
Hanna: Oh no, why did Piper and Paul lose the gorgeous dark blue costumes. :wuzrobbed
peibeck: Yep. These rainbow sherbet creations are... sorry, fugly.

MarieM: Ohhh the music for the danadians is now Gladiator? When? How?
Wyliefan: As of nationals.
SLIVER: It's the same prog with different music, it's quite funny actually.


11 FEAR Lilah / GIBSON Lewis GBR - The Lion King soundtrack
allezfred: DISNEY BRITS

Rukia: I know their skating skills aren't the best, but the disco brits have definitely been working on it. I think their fw looks much better.

Hanna: Such a sucker for a good Lion King program :swoon: 1foot sequence :love: Also, Gibson is fabulous. :cheer:

CantALoop: Side by side broken leg sit spins? Did I stumble into the wrong event?

Hanna: Fabulous stationary lift positions :kickass: The roar :rofl: Love it! :inavoid:

Wyliefan: We wuzrobbed of him holding her high like Simba.

Rukia: And you thought cpom had the most random dance break this season

Bunny Hop: A bit of a cautious start from Fear/Gibson but good job overall. Twizzles weren't terrific, but got it done. They didn't really get into it until the final two elements. Slight wobble on the final lift.

Karen-W: The fact that the TES for that is above HawBak annoys me to no end...
Braulio: Thanks to their GOE strategy but you know what? I see they are getting less and less bonus each time.

wickedwitch: This FD is so, so inferior to H/B's. (Who, oh why, would you put the one-foot steps on a musical climax?) F/G are capable of so much better. But tonight they deserve to be behind H/B easily.

Braulio: Steps Level 3
Twizzles tentative, L4 but Under Review
Their usual Combo Lift, their recycled Slide Choreo Move (we saw first at their Disco Program). If they were going to recycle stuff wish it was their Westside Story Free Dance. This couple is getting boring for me each season

MacMadame: This is a program that, the more I see it, the more I see its flaws.

allezfred: Well that was a million times more interesting than anything in the previous group!

Belsornia: Every British skater hoping for funding over the next quad can now exhale.
miffy: I think I forgot to breathe during that :lol: I haven’t been so nervous over dance since John and Sinead.

MacMadame: That FD beat H/B by .03 points?! :mad:

tony: While that was a semi-scandal, this is likely about to be a full-out WTF. And I do not care how fun Zorro is. :p

12 SMART Olivia / DIAZ Adrian ESP - The Mask of Zorro soundtrack
Hanna: This is all just one big IAM fest, isn't it. :rofl:

Wyliefan: S/D looking sharp so far.

Steph: I wish this program didn't use the sword noises. It's inherently OTT, it doesn't need extra cheese.
genevieve: ha ha ha the unison zorro swords that's great
JoannaLouise: I really love this swordfight choreo sequence! 😍

allezfred: Cannot believe the swashbuckling is under review. ;)

Braulio: Again killed with the level 2 in their one foot sequence, that is key for a top 8, sigh

Jay42: I never really cared for Smart/Diaz before this season but their free dance is so good I'm actually enjoying them this year. Which means they're probably retiring because that seems to be how it goes for me.

MacMadame: Whether or not you like this program. Smart/Diaz are noticeable faster than FearGibson. And this is in spite of them skating carefully.

quartz: I love this Zorro program but the way Olivia’s dress gets all bunched up in her crotch is a bit distracting. Who wants that much fabric, right there?

Aaron MG Fan: This is such a brilliant program! While its amazing for them to have used this vehicle to get them to the Olympics, whyyyy couldn't they have been at Worlds last year skating this program as it would have made Top 10 and potentially gotten 2 Olympic spots for Spain.

Hanna: I love how everyone is giving 100% to the performance and expression. :love: Like it's now or never!

leilaofpaper: I think that's the best they ever performed this
Miloune: Whatever happens, S/D made good on their chance at the Olympics!

SLIVER: OMG Goe madness, they got same levels as US and GB but 5 more points in Goe so far! They were very good though.

Baby Yoda On Skates: This is really an open dance as much as I love it. I see why Tony bitches every time they skate.

tony: So many stop and gos, so many crossovers and empty pockets preparing for the next elements, her skating leaves a lot to be desired still. Surely, if people can be mad about F/G going ahead of H/B they have to see what a travesty this scoring is. They have an audience-friendly program, but there's no complexity and they do half of what H/B did. Definitely going into 1st anyways.

Karen-W: I LOVE ZORRO!!!! That program is just fantastic! One of my favorite FDs of the entire season. I don't care if their skating skills are less than some of the other teams. That program is just as mesmerizing as HawBak's in its own way.

Braulio: I am glad they finally knew how to maximize elements and GOE their TES is HUGE considering they got Level 2 step sequence SO SO proud of them and how far they come this season. Wish they continue at least one more!

Colonel Green: The judges are really breaking out the big scores now.

Rukia: Ok I love that fd because I love cheese but that score?? Y'all.

13 FOURNIER BEAUDRY Laurence / SOERENSEN Nikolaj CAN - Gladiator soundtrack
Steph: omg not Gladiator it's the all-flashbacks Olympics FD I am so old

Allen: I'm starting to wonder if Sorensen just refuses to wear a costume that has any relation to the program.
Jay42: Shhh as long as he's pretty it's fine. Her costume could use some colour though.

Baby Yoda On Skates: Did the Danadians change any of this choreography??? It's not hitting the music at all.

Miloune: This lift is so dangerous!!

JoannaLouise: Her core strength in the stationary lift! :eek:

Aaron MB Fan: Noooooo Nik on the twizzles!!!

Karen-W: FB/Sor are doing their best to move SmaDia into the top 7...it's as if FB/Sor aren't even putting up a fight... At this rate, they might wind up below Fear/Gibson.

Theatregirl1122: Did someone tell FB/S that their FD had an uncomfortable vibe so they just switched the music?

Wyliefan: They're getting some low levels.
Braulio: Combination Spin Level 3 and some choreo elements not getting high GOE

Rukia: This is kind of a mess

Hanna: Now we are free :swoon: But this is definitely not Danada's best performance. :yikes: Nothing super disastrous but some things here and there. TES :yikes:

Braulio: This was the first time international judges watched that Free Dance, remember they switched to this at Nationals

Colonel Green: I don't think this program ever really caught fire with the judges anyway (either iteration of it), but they're going to be Canadian #1s next season, so they'll hopefully have something that works better then.

Karen-W: Dang... Barely stayed ahead of FearGib. Maybe they should re-think sticking around to Montreal '24...

wickedwitch: FB/S and their coaches look puzzle at the marks. I'm not sure why.

14 GUIGNARD Charlene / FABBRI Marco ITA - Atonement (Marianelli)/Little Sparrow (Korzeniowski)
Hanna: Korzeniowski's Sparrow :swoon: So gorgeous I've really grown to love G/F over the years. Are they still staying after this season or non?

wickedwitch: G/F are on another level SS-wise compared to everyone who's skated thus far.

CantALoop: Props to him for still pulling off the lifts despite not having much of a height difference. I stan a short king 👑

Bunny Hop: Guignard/Fabbri - really started to appreciate them after seeing them live at Vancouver GPF. Really like this program for them. One foot steps looked really good.

peibeck: 😍 I find G/F just transporting. Love this dance. So underrated.

Kateri: Charlene's knee skids in this dance look so painful :yikes:

Baby Yoda On Skates: G/F have such a lovely FD. Wonderful lift to highlight the end. And they didn't have to dress Marco in sackcloth to disguise that Charlene is bigger than he is.

NinjaTurtles: Marco’s back flexibility and toe point are low key lovely.

tony: I think everyone knows by now that G/F are my favorites and I know they really personally love this program. It's beautiful and all, but it wasn't pulling in those top scores last year so why not go all Bowie or something unique on us this year? They are usually so proficient with their moves and have some real highlights, but this doesn't scream give me +5's for creativity like something else could. Anyways, beautiful, enjoyable skating as always.

wickedwitch: I LOVED their David Bowie FD. I wish they had brought that back.

Colonel Green: Is everyone in the final group going to get 130 at this rate?

15 GILLES Piper / POIRIER Paul CAN - Long and Winding Road (Across the Universe)
Baby Yoda On Skates: G/P are taking that long and winding road to Candy Land in these outfits.
JoannaLouise: The stripe on the leg of Paul's pants makes it look like he's wearing Adidas sweat pants.

skatfan: It’s like Piper and Paul thought to themselves- it’s the costumes that are the problem in their Free Dance.

Steph: Oh no.
Aaron MB Fan: Noooooo lift didn't go up!!

Colonel Green: That on-the-fly modification of their combo lift was arguably more impressive than any prior clean version of it.

Braulio: Twizzles Level 3 for Paul, Curve Lift Level 3 during the combo

Karen-W: Paul missed his first twizzle. And then they miss the lift position... They're going to drop below GuiFab.

Baby Yoda On Skates: Maybe they thought the pink would go better with all the yellow blobs they are getting on the tracker.

Aceon6: GilPoi opening looked slooooow after GuiFab. Ok, they relaxed a bit and seem to be getting into their knees better. Still, they might move down a spot. The end just fizzled.

MacMadame: They seemed off to me from the start though. Usually I find this program mesmerizing, but not today.

tony: This program really does have some nice choreography, but at the same time a lot of these moves are recycled as a best-of from the last two free dances that were both more interesting than this IMO. Big miss on the lift, though. To their credit, this was much more engaging than the rest of their programs have been in Beijing IMO. They looked tight across all 3 other programs and finally they look like they are letting loose.

Wyliefan: Paul looks dazed.
Rukia: Oh nooo she looks really sad

NinjaTurtles: :respec: for Piper’s improv on the lift at least

Wyliefan: Piper's saying, "I couldn't push up." Poor girl, it took a minute for it to sink in, but now she's devastated.

Hanna: Come on Piper, regroup and kill it at Worlds! :kickass:


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Warm-Up Group 4

Hanna: My level of nerves - not healthy. Do P/C costumes look like they absolutely cannot accidentally come off under any circumstance?

Theatregirl1122: Ugggghhhhhh. I love Gabby and Guillaume so much. I just don't understand why they have to skate at the Olympics in free dance costumes that make NO SENSE.
canbelto: I'm not feeling Guillaume's red shirt at all. It looks like my yoga shirt.
jenny12: Didn't he have a champagne colored shirt before that more matched her dress? Weird choice.

genevieve: I feel like Stepanova's dress is what Hawayek's dress wanted to be. Everything that Kaitlin's dress got wrong works here - I still don't love how the color almost washes out her skin tone, but the design is nice.

Baby Yoda On Skates: SinKats still in their pajamas.
Miloune: I can't with Sinitsina's dress... Why is it open on the side!!!?

16 STEPANOVA Alexandra / BUKIN Ivan ROC - We Have A Map of the Piano by Mum/A Time For Us (from "Romeo and Juliet") by Nino Rota
CantALoop: What kind of minimalist video game music is this...nvm, oh no now we have the generic random female ballad vocals kicking in

tony: I love S/B this year, but the first half of their free dance should be the entire concept. It's so cool.

Hanna: The first part is great. :swoon: Wish they didn't change to R&J! Love the sharp twizzle entry :love: Eeek another little slip on the slide :yikes: Why all these mistakes today from several teams :drama:

Theatregirl1122: BIG loss of balance for Stepanova in the slide.

Spikefan: Will that count as a fall or just a balance check? It was going so well, damn.

MacMadame: That curve lift was rough.

tony: Even without the cohesion of the music, I am absolutely loving them. She is really, really improved. Such relaxed upper bodies, some nice edges. The program really needs to end differently though.

Baby Yoda On Skates: The last time I saw Stepanova live in 2019, she pushed off by sticking her butt out. Her posture looks so much better now.

Vagabond: This is one of the few teams that tells a story through dance.

Steph: That's so weird, looked like the program just fell apart in the last minute-ish
Primorskaya: Even the programme regrets the change of music.

Miloune: TES is very low...

SLIVER: 2 of top 6 teams cracking under pressure so far :eek::eek: shows u how difficult it is

skatfan: Do we know how much training time they lost when she had COVID? They looked better at Euros

thvu: So glad StepBuk got to skate. Seems like they’re not letting that mistake get to them. Just enjoying the experience!

jenny12: I thought the beginning of the dance worked but then the choreographer didn't know what to do to finish it.
Amy L: Bukin and the choreographer just had a baby together. She might have just been too busy/distracted to finish it. :lol:

Karen-W: Just when someone said "there's been only one placement change so far", the top 8 said "hold my beer..."

allezfred: Dumped….

Hanna: Top5 for the Italians! Wish I could see Babs' face right now! :kickass:

17 CHOCK Madison / BATES Evan USA - Daft Punk
Braulio: come on Lovers from the Outer Space
jamesy: 👽 & 🧑‍🚀 so nervous....

allezfred: Shpilband could never…

genevieve: this is madison chock's world; we're all just clueless astronauts hoping for a sweet spin with her

Allen: I don't know why exactly, but I was really not a fan of Madison's for a long time, but I find myself really admiring her performance quality and skating in a way I never did before.

pinky166: Chock is rocking the alien gloves. I keep watching her hands :lol:
Rukia: Tanith says Madison is supposed to be using her hands to communicate so I'm betting she created her own alien sign language.

Hanna: LOVE THIS FD :love: :cheer: I'll never forget seeing it at Finlandia for the first time and being absolutely :inavoid: at the sound world and so excited that they went for this program! :encore:

Habs: I really hate this program. Sorry, C&B fans.
Allen: I still don't love C/B's program, but I really admire the creativity behind it.

Bunny Hop: Chock/Bates really good! Loved their one foot steps. This program has really grown on me. Great job.

NinjaTurtles: I don’t think the final set of twizzles had enough revolutions in the time required. They freed up a bit in the second half. Glorious program.

Rukia: I'm glad they got through that because I swear I saw Madison's foot shaking in that first lift. She just looked nervous. I was expecting disaster really.

tony: Evan's change of edge on that spread eagle was terrifying. Nervy to the extreme to start. Madison's final twizzle looked just short of matching full rotations the entire way through, like one of them ended short and then the rest were coming out short too. I also saw a little edge bobble on his one-foot sequence.
The program concept really is cool, I just think it needed to be amplified all-around. And they still don't quite have the power to compete with the top teams IMO, but credit to doing something so different.

Vagabond: It amazes me how they much they improve this program from competition to competition. The last minute is immensely better than it was at Nationals and even the Team Event.

Braulio: It has to score more than 130, was better and much more levels than at Free Dance team final

peibeck: Go voidy alien astronaut love duo. Not as clean as the team event, but more emotion. And Evan had the sense not to propose on Olympic ice, like people speculated he might. :p

MacMadame: YES!! Look at that TES!

Braulio: 130.63

Karen-W: Regardless of how the podium plays out, I'm glad they were able to skate so well tonight and bounce back from the rough RD. And they have a team medal. Still hoping for SinKats to oblige with some more FD movement.

18 HUBBELL Madison / DONOHUE Zachary USA
- Drowning by Anne Sila
Steph: I have no particular love for H/D but after last Olys all I care about is that they lay it down here.

genevieve: Appreciation for Hubbell's hair design for both programs this season.

Rukia: I hope you're all ready to ah ah ah ah for the next 4 minutes
canbelto: Hopefully this is the last time I hear "ah ah ah ah"

misskarne: Yeah, the panel's gonna look at that lift. I reckon his elbows locked that time.
tony: AHAHHA I was in the middle of typing no lift review, H/D fans rejoice and they added it super late. [His elbows] always lock, it just can't be past a split second. I agree that this time it looked a little longer.

Rukia: Lawd if they lose a medal because of that lift I will riot

Theatre1122: Meh, there's no way this panel would do that. It's not the kind of thing that happens at the Olympics. No one wants more controversy.

jenny12: Hate the music but man the depth of those edges.

Steph: Finally, someone actually went out and laid it down.

Aussie Willy: Beautiful. Worked with the music and let it flow. Lovely expression. Light and shade working with the phrasing of the music.

Miloune: TES higher but lots of yellow!
Braulio: All step sequences, twizzles

tony: It's really something that my favorite Spanish team went through the program with one review total I think and now everything here is getting a second look. I'm whatever about the lift, I don't think it should cause concern and this absolutely positively should go into 1st place.

Karen-W: That was beautiful but I'm really worried that lift is gonna get called on the review, and Zach's twizzles looked suspect again. We'll see if this can hold up for a medal.

peibeck: Wow, I felt the emotion pouring out of H/D all the way from Beijing during that dance. 😭

thvu: That was such a great skate by Hubbell & Donohue. That’s the best they’ve skated in years. They heard Chock & Bates’ score, and rose to the occasion. Just awesome. :respec:

allezfred: Eurosport saying a point deduction for the first lift being too long.

Steph: First even with the lift deduction. Well done.

Braulio: I wonder how many elements from the russians will go under review. Montreal Teams are getting almost everything

- Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov)/Caprice No. 24 (Paganini)
jamesy: That sweaty back brace just needs to get through one more skate.

Theatregirl1122: This is hopefully my last chance to snark about how much I hate the COMPLETELY MISSING SIDE of Sinitsina's dress. Honestly there is not one attractive thing about this dress.

Baby Yoda On Skates: Well that first lift landed with a clunk.

Colonel Green: Huh, twizzles not terrible for a second straight segment. :eek: Oops, Nikita bungles the one-foot exit.
peibeck: It's okay the judges didn't notice. 🙄

floridaice: As much as I don't like Nikita, I have to admit they have come so far since their first season together.

Rukia: Some of these elements look a bit clunky, but the GOE says non

Vagabond: Katsalopov's back problems are readily apparent. His posture is making me cringe.

Braulio: Not a single element under review yet and of course MASSIVE GOE

Hanna: Why why why do they have to change to Irish jig Paganini? :wall: Just can't understand (and yes I know there needs to be a tempo change). It would be a great program if they only used Rach 2.

Primorskaya: They're really giving it their all but Gods this programme sucks so hard. Not on a par with what we just saw.
canbelto: This program is such a turd.

Wyliefan: That jig made me snort. :lol:

ChelleC: The last half of this is torture to hear. And Nikita's back has held up for 4 skates in a week now.

Bunny Hop: I love Rachmaninov so I was always pre-disposed to like this, and I think this was the best they've skated it. I even liked the Rhapsody on Paganini section. I thought he was crazy for dumping Ilynikh, and yet here we are. TES behind H/D at the end - this will be interesting.

allezfred: Would have that third in the free…

Miloune: TES behind .. H/D may regret that long lift!

peibeck: Nikita looked like he was about to die by the time they reached the dance spin. Not far enough below H/D to like fall to bronze even if they are 3rd in the free, I'd guess. Sigh.

tony: That was really, really good. Yeah, they aren't P/C but the edges are really deep and their speed is strong. The twizzles were spot-on, no denying them this time around. The jig isn't as bad of a transition as some IAM teams we saw tonight (sue me), but it's still not great. I think it's going to be really close between them and H/D (one point deduction in mind).

Braulio: They should be around 129 at best. But it wont

Colonel Green: TES went up slightly on review.

Lilia A: Into 1st by 1.5

ryanj07: That was a gift. No way that from S/K deserved 131 but I guess H/D don't have to say "what if" about the lift since it wouldn't have made a difference overall.

Theatregirl1122: Any chance Russia forces his back to go to worlds for 3 spots? Or will they just count on a magical rise for S/B as soon as Nikita and Vika retire?

20 PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume FRA
- Elegie by Gabriel Faure
itsartemis: Please please please. No mistakes now. 🙏
FiveRinger: I can’t even watch P/C. I’ll have to watch it after I hear the score.

Braulio: TWIZZLES 10.48 of 10.48 PERFECT!

NinjaTurtles: PapCiz one of the few programs where the required hand touch in the twizzle sequence has choreographic purpose.

floridaice: Love that final spin

slicekw: Every time I want to dislike Papadakis/Cizeron they skate and it’s like, “Oh yeah, they’re so beautiful” I don’t particularly like this music, but I could watch them skate this program repeatedly with the sound off. Their lines are just so exquisite and every cell of their bodies in tune with every other cell in the two of them.

Colonel Green: Well, that will do it.
Wyliefan: Oh YES. Gorgeous. The best they've ever done it.

Braulio: FOUR elements received +5 GOE from all judges. And ONE lift was level 3

allezfred: :wuzrobbed

TAHbKA: THAT'S an Olympic skate!
mocha-ice: I’m really happy for them, so well deserved! But 95% of that program bored me… no doubt they are the best team out there but the program was really flat for an Olympic Gold Medal performance.

Lilia A: You know you're nervous when you keep repeating "just don't fcuk it up" over and over again. Give them all the 10's

Bunny Hop: those twizzles are amazing! Okay, it was all amazing. Give them all the points. Saw a couple of teeny tiny issues if I'm being really picky (just things that weren't quite smooth), but you can't argue with the quality of that. They deserve to be spoken of in the same breath as Torvill & Dean as innovators of ice dance.

NinjaTurtles: This is the most tango-y the dance has felt for me. They made a lot of little changes.

tony: In 2018 and throughout many other years, I was taken on some kind of 4 minute journey with P/C but this program just has. not. done. it. for. me. That curve lift towards the end is the last highlight, and then it's just a bunch of choreographic stuff that doesn't go anywhere for 45 seconds. Yes, it fits the music and it's beautiful, but I wish they did more than the small circles around one small part of the ice. They should and will easily win, but it may be my least favorite FD since 2015.

Amy L: That was beautiful. And this must have been an excruciatingly long four years for them!

Primorskaya: I am liquefied with relief. Also not my favourite FD for them, but, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Karen-W: Good enough to win, which I expected, and deservedly so, but I'll not be sad when PapCiz retire because I'm sooooo over all of the lyrical snot copycat programs that have ruined ice dance over the last quad thanks to them.

Braulio: This has to be around 135 plus

tony: Composition at 10.00 ;)
VGThuy: How many perfect 10s for that? Not enough for me. Perfection.
tony: 26 10.00s for P/C, nothing below a 9.75 on 45 scores.

Miloune: Never seen such a happy KnC from them!! ❤️❤️❤️

Amy L: Now Nathan won't be the only skater on the top of the podium with an ugly shirt. Guillaume is so generous!

Braulio: Gabriella Papadakis/Guillaume Cizeron OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS!!


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Segment Result Details
Pl. NameNationTSS
PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON GuillaumeFRA
SMART Olivia / DIAZ AdrianESP
WANG Shiyue / LIU XinyuCHN
LAJOIE Marjorie / LAGHA ZacharyCAN


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1 PAPADAKIS Gabriella / CIZERON Guillaume FRA 226.98 1 1
2 SINITSINA Victoria / KATSALAPOV Nikita ROC 220.51 2 2
3 HUBBELL Madison / DONOHUE Zachary USA 218.02 3 3
4 CHOCK Madison / BATES Evan USA 214.77 4 4
5 GUIGNARD Charlene / FABBRI Marco ITA 207.05 7 5
6 STEPANOVA Alexandra / BUKIN Ivan ROC 205.07 5 8
7 GILLES Piper / POIRIER Paul CAN 204.78 6 7
8 SMART Olivia / DIAZ Adrian ESP 199.11 9 6
9 FOURNIER BEAUDRY Laurence / SOERENSEN Nikolaj CAN 192.35 8 11
10 FEAR Lilah / GIBSON Lewis GBR 191.64 10 9
11 HAWAYEK Kaitlin / BAKER Jean-Luc USA 189.74 11 10
12 WANG Shiyue / LIU Xinyu CHN 184.42 12 12
13 LAJOIE Marjorie / LAGHA Zachary CAN 181.02 13 13
14 DAVIS Diana / SMOLKIN Gleb ROC 179.82 14 14
15 TURKKILA Juulia / VERSLUIS Matthias FIN 173.88 16 15
16 TASCHLEROVA Natalie / TASCHLER Filip CZE 168.32 17 17
17 KALISZEK Natalia / SPODYRIEV Maksym POL 167.31 15 20
18 GARABEDIAN Tina / PROULX SENECAL Simon ARM 167.03 19 16
19 KAZAKOVA Maria / REVIYA Georgy GEO 164.33 18 19
20 NAZAROVA Oleksandra / NIKITIN Maksym UKR 162.87 20 18

Final Not Reached
21 MUELLER Katharina / DIECK Tim GER 65.47 21
22 KOMATSUBARA Misato / KOLETO Tim JPN 65.41 22
23 RAMANAUSKAITE Paulina / KIZALA Deividas LTU 58.35 23

FD protocols: https://results.isu.org/results/sea...------FNL-000100--_JudgesDetailsperSkater.pdf
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