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I just want to share something I heard 2 years ago.
Kanako Murakami said "When I was competing, I had to teach Pre-novice group lessons to partially offset ice time. One group I taught, still sticks in my memory. I was teaching that group double toe loops. Fast learners start to land them after 2 or 3 tries. Then there are laggards. One laggard was just so bad, that even when all the other girls were landing 2T, she kept on falling even after a dozen tries. I thought that this one was not just a laggard but a "hopeless laggard". I go up to her and show how it is done. Nothing doing, she just kept on falling. I was getting exasperated so I said you must try harder! She answered with toothy apologetic smile, Murakami sensei, I am trying the best I can. I think other girls are so much luckier than me. I thought Yeah right. I was ready to crown her the LEAST LIKELY TO SUCCEED title, then and there. That hopeless laggard was Rino Matsuike. I just cannot believe how good she is now, how much she has progressed by dint of hard work."
Good luck to Rino Matsuike in the future.
And good luck to all "hopeless laggards" around the world, optimistic perseverance does pay dividends...

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