2022-23 US Pairs Discussion - Second to None!


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Skate America. BTW, I forgot to post a link to these 2 practice clips back in late August when Alexa shared an effortless-looking 3S and 3T+2T+2T when she was briefly in Chicago: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch2cmoCOlu_/

Interesting it says she was in Park Ridge Illinois, the city where I was born and also where Hillary Clinton grew up. Fun facts. I know Alexa is from Addison Illinois herself.


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KUDOS to Daniel Tioumentsev on attaining one of his major goals outside of skating! :respec: https://www.instagram.com/p/CirfAVMOQu7/
This past year has been full of surprises ,excitement and many challenges, Especially this past month. While I’m still pursuing my passion in skating and continuing to go to school to major in engineering. I have also been secretly working on another interesting life goal involving my passion in space flight. With that being said, I would like to officially announce a new career start @spacex as a Propulsion Technician. Something I’ve been literally dreaming of since the last space shuttle launch back in 2011. ( it’s been a decade…. literally ) I’m supper excited about this incredible opportunity and to be joining the Falcon teams, help continue the pursuit of making humanity multi-planetary. Thank you so much to those that have supported me and my decision in this epic new adventure!!!!
He and Sonia Baram have been training hard since their golden JGP debut in Ostrava - I saw recent Instagram story clips of them landing throw triples in practice (on one foot by her) - both triple toe loop and loop! :)

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