2022–23 Canadian Pairs: News and Updates


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I was really worried when I saw her Brooke clutching her arm, given that they had to do a lift afterward, but it seems like it wasn't serious in the end. Their tech is progressing nicely.

Also, this reminded me how tall Brooke is compared to a lot of pair girls:

I was impressed with how Benjamin thought on his feet and didn't go to a one-hand hold and he was very solicitous afterward.


I have to say that the scoring for ice dance in those fake GPs is beyond hilarious. They are handing out level 4 step sequences like candy and giving scores that are about 20 points higher (and I'm not even exaggerating) than what the same program will score internationally. The scoring in general has been wild, but for ice dance, it's just ridiculous.
Fake GP's? You mean the ones in Russia? This is the Canadian pairs thread 😁


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Oh no. I was wondering after they didn’t skate the short at challenge yesterday as had been the plan.
I had heard they didn't skate yesterday due to Kemp having a "slight" injury and they didn't want to jeopardize their participation in the JGPF. So unfortunate they had to withdraw anyway. :(:(:(

ETA: Here are the details. Heartbreaking for sure, but fortunately nothing serious: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/s...ces-winnipeg-pair-out-of-challenge-grand-prix
Winnipeg pair skaters Ava Kemp and Yoni Elizarov’s dream of a season has hit an untimely speed bump.

Kemp sprained her ankle in a fluke accident during an off-ice warmup, forcing their last-minute withdrawal from Wednesday’s opener at Skate Canada Challenge.

Worse, the 14-year-old athlete has been advised not to resume training until next week, which means their trip to Italy for the Grand Prix Final — where they were to compete against the top junior pairs in the world — is off.

The pair had planned to debut their new, technically-souped-up Cirque du Soleil short program on home ice before departing for Turin on Monday.

“(The injury) is recovering nicely. It’s disappointing, but we’re just going to keep moving on and moving forward with the plan,” said the pair’s coach Kevin Dawe.
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I'm impressed by how good Lia & Trennt look so far, given their minimal time together.
Same! They're at least as promising as Beccari/Guarise and Kam/O'Shea are - which really goes to show just how valuable a strong, talented pairs male skater can be for a brand new team. It will be exciting to see them compete at Golden Spin next week.

Also, Proft/Nadeau and Derenisky/Eberl show a nice level of promise. Golden Spin is the last international for pairs teams hoping to earn TES mins prior to Euros/4CCs. There are, however, 4 senior internationals in February that include pairs and would qualify for TES mins ahead of Worlds, should there be any surprises on the podium at Canadians (Bavarian Open, Icelab Cup, IISF Ice Mall Cup, and Challenge Cup).

ETA - Canadian senior pairs with TES mins - Worlds 29/46, 4CCs 25/42

Tilda ALTERYD / Gabriel FARANDCANISU CS Warsaw Cup 202217/11/202225.79SISU CS Warsaw Cup 202219/11/202240.55S
Kelly Ann LAURIN / Loucas ETHIERCANISU GP Skate America 202221/10/202228.93SISU GP Skate America 202222/10/202253.73S
Lori-Ann MATTE / Thierry FERLANDCANISU CS Warsaw Cup 202118/11/202132.80SISU GP Skate Canada International 202130/10/202158.72S
Brooke MCINTOSH / Benjamin MIMARCANISU GP NHK Trophy 202218/11/202235.53SISU GP Skate Canada International 202229/10/202258.02S
Deanna STELLATO-DUDEK / Maxime DESCHAMPSCANISU GP Skate America 202221/10/202240.79SISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 202223/09/202261.91S

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