2021 Worlds?


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I am not sure where to even post this: GSD or Trash Can.

I scrolled thru the message board and did not see any Worlds news or related threads ...

In light of serious advancements of a vaccine(s) against YKW, does this influence the conversation on whether Worlds will be held or not? I believe that US news is generally reporting that vaccine(s) will be widely available in 'Spring' with the first round of vaccines going to necessary personnel as early as mid-December.

In the past, Worlds has been held as late as the beginning of April (1998, 2000) and the Fukushima tragedy pushed 2011 Worlds to May which would allow for time to see increased vaccinations throughout the world.

Any news or even thoughts? I think about the way the Grand Prix is being held with limited or no audiences, but then again Worlds would require international air travel and large groups of coaches, skaters and choreographers congregating under one roof even if no or limited audience.

Again, any news, thoughts or random speculation is OK :)

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