2021 Worlds Pairs SP - Super Spreaders (Twitter's Gonna Shame You)


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That twist was pretty bad even by their standards, almost no height and looked like a big collision. Tight on the 3T and throw too... this day aside from the top three has been meh.

His posture remains terrifying in lifts.
I’d have them behind both US teams


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Dang... They dropped. Hard.

Now, who would have expected the Japanese pairs team to be in the penultimate group?!

And, I suppose if the Americans can maintain their positions then the USA might back into 3 teams next season.

I'm a little :rofl: at the results for both the US ladies and pairs. The skater/teams that are routinely dissed are the top placers in both disciplines after the SPs.


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MT/M ...... sigh. That was just NOT good. They weren't getting the levels and just seemed totally off. Lack of training time, maybe? Passed their peak ... or just an extremely off day. I'm thinking maybe Walsh/Michaud should have been ahead of them today??


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Well, it's all tight/tight/tight down in the lower half of the top 10. Should be quite a fight tomorrow. And some heavy hitters toward the top that I wouldn't want on my tail.

Great to see all these teams today. Even with Nationals and some events during the season, it still feels like seeing a bunch of friends after a year away!

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Underwhelming by MT/M.. and horrendous music.


Boikova/K #1 by a mile. Crown them now! I’ll even put up with one more 007 program to see them win! (Moskvina forever!) 🇷🇺

Sui/Han looked tired. Not fun to watch, sorry.

Mishima/Galiamov wuz robbed! So fresh, with superior elements.

Tarasova/Morozov ok in 4th, considering errors.

USA pairs underwhelming. At least both are luckily within top 10, so US should have two pairs at Olympics.

France’s quirky Hamon/ Strekalin were the surprise HIT of the night!!! 🇫🇷


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Have to look closely at protocols, I don't have much arguments about the placings but not sure how B/K got 3 more points than M/G on tech score. Apart from the side by side spins and maybe the footwork, I thought the elements were comparable and M/G's throw was better. I don't see the massive gap that others see between those 2 couples, if anything I find Kozlovski's posture and skating skills a little bit iffy.

Edited to say B/K's made up the difference by having an extra level on the twist and steps, which is fine, the GOE's were totally similar.
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My mom had to watch the stream with the commentary by Daniel Weiss and Aliona Savchenko and she is FURIOUS because they repeatedly trashed Moskvina for "forcing her skaters to skate to same old, same old classical music" that is not "pleasant for young people" etc. "If you proposed modern music to Moskvina, she'd jump out of the window!"
Interesting, I never knew James Bond is considered classical music nowadays, there he is, right next to Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Seriously, we had almost only "modern" programs tonight and most of them were unwatchable and the music almost made me run amok. If that is what "experts" like D. Weiss want our sport to be like, I am leaving this ship.

Moreover...how DARE they talk like this about our hero Moskvina?!
Even her "same old same old classical" programs are more innovative and modern than 90% of the bullshit we had to watch tonight.

Yes, I am mad and pissed at so much stupidity and ignorance.

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