2021 Worlds Ladies SP - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Mask Before Midnight)


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Well panel definitely anointed Anna S world champ, I didn't think her PCS were almost 3 points better than everybody else and 1.5 better than Kihira. The Japanese fed will not be sending this panel any Christmas cards with the calls for Kihira and Sakamoto.
Also Miyahara would have been better off leaving the loop as a solo jump. Would have been 2 places higher possibly.
The sub par performances from Kaori, Bradie and Satoko will really help Trusova in the long, she will close that gap easily.

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Great SPs.

Anna - Team Eteri: RESPECT! Totally deserving 1st here. It’s the ease & lyricism, babies!

Rika & Tuk neck to neck! TUK FOR PODIUM!!

Karen - ok...I’m happily surprised. :)

Yelim Kim absolute lyrical angel!

Sorry about Trusova but ice is slippery. The Rocket must relaunch on Friday!!! 🚀 Maybe she’ll “pull a Zayak” on Friday? (Copenhagen 1982)
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I wonder what Trusova's plan is for the free now. Play it safe with three quads (sounds funny, doesn't it? "safe with three quads") and try to climb the leader board as much as possible, OR will she be like "fcuk it I'm doing everything, I got nothing to lose." We shall see.

It's Trusova, she's going to throw absolutely everything out there, and we will hopefully see a repeat of the free at Russian Nats.


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A few closing thoughts:

Very happy Lindsay van Zundert made the free! She was the first "live skating" I've seen in forever and was a great way to open the event.

I feel like I need to root for the Brits now, so yay Natasha McKay for doing what she can do.

I'm a bit surprised, but not complaining, that Josefine Taljegard and her Jill Trenary jump content made it to 15th place. :lol: We went from 3Lz3T to 3T2T quite quickly in the standings.

I'm pleasantly surprised Loena Hendrickx held up as well as she did. My gut instinct that she would have been in the last group had she landed the flip seems to have been correct.

Too bad for Bradie Tennell. I had the feeling even before she finished that she was going to be < 1 point from the final group.

For me, Yelin Kim's combination was the element of the day. I agree with the judge who gave it +5.

I think Karen Chen majorly lucked out, but she has had so many harsh calls in the past that I feel like she deserves one in her favor.

I'm a bit disappointed that Kihira's "swish" triple axel didn't make more of a difference. Darn q's.

Great to see skating again! :cheer: :cheer2:


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So it sounds like Karen skated great but Bradie was a bit underwhelming. A clean skate would have put the US in real good shape to get the 3rd spot back but now both of them have to come out with guns blazing to stay where they are.


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Exactly, I'd throw in the 3A too. She has absolutely nothing to lose now. Go for every single bit of it, she's going to be skating incredibly pissed and that may work in her favor.
Zagitova always skated best coming from behind. Anna is a stone cold assassin when she competes, so if I were Sasha, I'd come with everything I had. Tuk is chill no matter what and doesn't get rattled which is why she can still compete with the younger skaters. But, she and Mishin should be very happy right now. I'd give anything if Sasha went to him just for him to instill that quality of owning the ice and the self confidence he instills in his top skaters.


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By the way, whatever you do, do NOT read the ISU YouTube chat. I repeat, do NOT read the ISU YouTube chat. You have been warned.
Livestream or comments & don't they usually disable those & really YouTube comments are among the lowest places on the planet.


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It seems MBM ruptured her Achilles. She will be flown back to France today. Wishing her the best and hoping she can make a full recovery.
Ugh, that's what I was afraid of. How awful. Hoping for a smooth recovery.


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I rewatched Anna's SP in slow-mo. I've never seen anyone pick in for a 3f with their picking foot practically forward. Unreal.

As for the alleged 2ft on the 3z, it's not conclusive, at least not from the angle I saw. Sure looks like it, though.


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I just logged in and realized the ladies SP had already finished. Checking the results and OMFG! Karen Effing Chen! I hope against hope she can maintain her rank here (or better). All this time so many people talked so much smack. Even if she falls in the standings in the LP, nobody imagined this SP result. I'm so happy right now.


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I rewatched Anna's SP in slow-mo. I've never seen anyone pick in for a 3f with their picking foot practically forward. Unreal.

As for the alleged 2ft on the 3z, it's not conclusive, at least not from the angle I saw. Sure looks like it, though.
I mean, Miyahara has gotten away with it on the flip and Lutz her entire career, and can't even get all the way around on the landing on top of that extra boost. You've seen several other skaters doing the same type of bad technique, especially on the 3T as the second part of the combo but that flip is also something Shoma Uno has ALWAYS done on his 4F attempts, every 3F that Khodykin does, etc. Should they start calling just for Eteri's students?


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Miyahara and Uno have been criticized for such things for years now though.
Yeah, but 'never seen anyone' -- I'd venture to say she indeed has seen plenty. I'm all for fair analyzing of the jumps across the board for all skaters (Wagner's 3T in combo was a 2.25T on a good day usually, for example, and everyone already knows how I feel about Miyahara continuously escaping even harsher calls) but it's just not going to start now with the rules as they are and the technical panel not able to review take-offs.

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