2021 Worlds FD - Take A Dance On Me


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I actually loved the FS/S free dance. I would very much like to see an improved version for the Olympic season. But of course I read all the Last Kingdom books and saw the TV version. Danish/Saxon tussling for the win!

Though I wasn't sure who Laurence was supposed to be. Certainly not Aethelflaed.

And of course the voiceovers MUST go.
For me, there's just too much going on in that program. The voiceovers don't go with the music, the costumes don't work together, it's all over the place. If they want to focus on the Scandinavian music, then they should just pick that and go with it. If the focus is remembering to the dance and bring beauty in difficult times, then go with that. But mixing the two is too much.

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