2021 World Team Trophy Pairs SP & FS - No Time for Boikova, 'Cause We Are the Champions


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So, some of you are thinking Matte/Ferland are the best new Canadian pair to come along in awhile?? Hmm .... I'll have to rewatch, I guess. Must have missed something. :confused:

Hamon/Strekalin: Too many errors in the program but nice twist and impressive lifts. The top of that dress does absolutely NOTHING for her ... probably my least favorite dress of the season. But, then, there's LOTS to choose from, so maybe not.

Alexa/Brandon: They need to clean up their jumps but THAT is what a 3twist should look like! Can't wait to see what they can do after another year of skating together. 2nd place here is not too shabby at all!:cheer2:

Miura/Kihara: I'm really excited about this pair. That was almost flawless ... except for the throw 3lp. Wonderful chemistry between the two of them. Ryuichi sure looked exhausted at the end but he pushed through ... he's a trooper.

Della Monica/Guarise: Matteo's jumps just packed up and deserted him. Shame. Fairly judged behind the American and Japanese couples.

Mishina/Galliamov: There are no words to adequately express how much I hate the top of Aleksandr's costume! :scream: That aside ... "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS" describes them perfectly. My gosh, that was awesome and I don't even think he was at his very best. YAY! What a terrific finish to the pairs event.


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I am glad that Knierim/Fraizer skated well but it felt very repetitive in lifts towards the end. I know they had a throw but I had to check the protocols to verify my memory that it was actually there. Maybe it was Alexa's over the top tada type moves in the lift too. I don't know. I just started losing focus on the program and started being bored with it towards the end. I don't know what needs to change. I will give them some leeway given it's year 1 and and weird one at that. I just hope they can come up with something that feels more balanced and keep building off of this.


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Umm. Hamon/Strekalin apparently didn’t realize that the were skating (in part) to the Mad Scene from Lucia, and that she’s just stabbed her husband to death. Nor, even more apparently, did Simon. 😂


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So, some of you are thinking Matte/Ferland are the best new Canadian pair to come along in awhile?? Hmm .... I'll have to rewatch, I guess. Must have missed something. :confused:
It sounds like they've been together awhile (6 years) but haven't received many international assignments in previous years. I'm not sure they're the BEST new Canadian pair team, but they are, by a long mile, the most INTERESTING Canadian pair team I've seen in awhile - meaning, at least for me, they don't skate to bland, tinkly, or emo music that would make them blend in with the rest of the Canadian pairs teams that have been on the international scene in recent seasons (I'm looking at you M-T/M, Walsh/Michaud, Ruest/Wolfe).


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To be honest, I think Miura/Kihara have greater potential than Knierim/Frazier. :shuffle:
Totally agree! M/K skate with much more speed and attack than K/F. Their interpretation, programs and music choices are more engaging as well. K/F have very basic choreography and transitions to be such veteran competitors. K/F haven’t yet proven worthy under pressure of all the hype I’ve heard that they are potentially top 5 in the world caliber. From all I’ve seen that potential is only possible if many teams ahead of them make major mistakes.
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Just as I suspected, the Canadians got an illegal element deduction. Too many turns on a lift? I thought so, but I'll have to re-watch.
I've finally gone through the protocols and discovered that the deduction was applied for an illegal element? Any explanations why? Is it possible to deduct for an excessive number of turns in a lift? :confused:

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