2021 US Nationals Pairs SP: Lady McBeath Hears the Cheers of Human Cardboard


Shut that door.
1 Katie McBeath, Winterhurst FSC
Nathan Bartholomay, Southwest Florida FSC

2 Emily Chan, SC of Boston
Spencer Howe, SC of Boston

3 Alexa Knierim, DuPage FSC
Brandon Frazier, All Year FSC

4 Ashley Cain-Gribble, SC of New York
Timothy LeDuc, Los Angeles FSC

5 Evelyn Grace Hanns, Broadmoor SC
Jim Garbutt, Champions Edge SC

6 Jessica Calalang, DuPage FSC
Brian Johnson, Detroit SC

7 Olivia Serafini, SC of New York
Mervin Tran, SC of New York

8 Audrey Lu, SC of Boston
Misha Mitrofanov, SC of Boston

9 Laiken Lockley, DuPage FSC
Keenan Prochnow, DuPage FSC

Starting order and results: https://ijs.usfigureskating.org/leaderboard/results/2021/27989/CAT003SEG005.html


Off season is club competition season!
3 groups of 3; SP music info added:

Katie McBeath / Nathan Bartholomay - "Cry Me a River" by Michael Bublé
Emily Chan / Spencer Howe - Onmyoji II - Main Theme by Shigeru Umebayashi (made famous by Hanyu)
Alexa Knierim / Brandon Frazier - "In the End" by Tommee Profitt and "Too Far Gone" by Hidden Citizens

Ashley Cain-Gribble / Timothy LeDuc - "Never Tear Us Apart" by Bishop Briggs
Evelyn Grace Hanns / Jim Garbutt - "Missing You" by Blake McGrath
Jessica Calalang / Brian Johnson - "Light of the Seven" composed by Ramin Djawadi (last season's music)

Olivia Serafini / Mervin Tran - "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys
Audrey Lu / Misha Mitrofanov - "Show Must Go On" from Moulin Rouge!
Laiken Lockley / Keenan Prochnow - "You and Me" by Disclosure


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Long shot, if anyone knows of a stream would really appreciate it!
Usually I use vpn on icenetwork, or NBC Gold but doesn't work on Peacock :-(


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Watching on Peacock on my phone because stupid 2nd cable box in a year has died. Ironically waiting for service person while this is on!


Off season is club competition season!
NBCSN is almost one minute? ahead of my Peacock stream.

Knierim/Frazier have landed sbs 3T and a big throw 3Lo in the warmup.

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