2020 WJC Pairs SP & FS - Doubles Are Forever

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Jr World Spots

3 spots: Russia

2 spots: Germany, France, USA, Georgia, China, Canada

JGP spots (not including host spots)

3 spots in 4 events: Russia, Germany, France, USA
2 spots in 4 events: Georgia, China, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Italy
1 spot in 3 events: everybody else


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Ukrainians representing Ukraine!
So where will these two ending up skating for in the future. There should be an auction for Ukrainian pairs skaters it would make it easier to figure out.
He's bulked up significantly since he transitioned to pairs. He's not so bad at partnering - - I expect another Fed will purchase him sooner or later.
You must have known what the Ukrainian Federation was going to do a week later when you were writing this! Expell Katerina Dzitsyuk - Ivan Pavlov from the national team. I did a translation from a couple of articles in Russian, sorry if I am placing it in the wrong place, just thought it was kinda appropriate after all your remarks.

Shocking news from the Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating: a sports pair, current national champions, have been expelled from the federation.

Two days after the Junior World Championship ended, a decree on the expelling of the sports pair Katerina Dzitsyuk / Ivan Pavlov from the national team was signed. Katerina and Ivan started a new pair this season and have already become champions of Ukraine, twice took 7th place in Junior Grand Prix competitions and became twelfth in the Junior World Championship in Tallinn, Estonia - the highest place of all the representatives of the Ukrainian team in the championship.

Ivan Pavlov, who is a two-time Ukrainian champion in singles, in the previous years participated in World and European championships. Katerina is fifteen, and for her Junior World Championship was the first major competition. So, why was such a promising couple unexpectedly expelled from the national team?

An unpleasant incident concerning the couple occurred during the Junior World Cup, when the Ukrainian Federation refused to declare the actual coach of the couple. According to the ISU profile, the athletes have one official coach - Arina Kuznetsova. However, in fact the skaters’ coach is Ivan's mother - Alla Pavlova. She has been training Ivan for quite a long time and recently graduated from the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport, receiving a diploma of a figure skating coach. The two coaches agreed to work together for the benefit of the pair.

Prior to the Junior World Cup, Alla Pavlova was given the coach’s accreditation when the pair took part in the Grand Prix competitions last autumn. However, when the athletes needed her help at the Junior World Championship and requested that she should be given accreditation and opportunity to attend the training, the Ukrainian Federation refused to do so. To avoid further conflicts like this, the pair was going to state Alla Pavlova as their only coach on their return to Ukraine, but before they had a chance to do it, the couple was officially expelled from the team, the Federation indicating the reason as “the violation of discipline at the Junior World Championship by the pair’s parents”.

As a result, having expelled Katerina Dzitsyuk and Ivan Pavlov from the Ukrainian Federation, Ukraine is left with no representatives in this kind who are of age to compete in seniors in the next season.


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Hmm, maybe there’s a reason Ukrainian skaters are eager to go elsewhere.
This is what Alexei Bychenko said 2 years ago (I used Google Translate with some editing):

“Our sport has its own policy,” says Alex in an interview with 24.tv. - The country sells a vote for a place. After the collapse of the USSR, Ukrainian figure skating was on the leading roles in the world. But every year it was getting worse and worse. This is because people used individual athletes, let's call them pawns, for their own purpose, and pushed them.

With Tanya Volosozhar, who became the champion in Sochi, what did they do? She would have finished if she hadn’t moved to Russia, paired with Maxim Trankov. If Tanya had stayed in Ukraine, she would have simply disappeared. No one would let her out (on the ice) .

Or take Alena Savchenko, who skated in my group. She moved to Germany not because she wanted to earn money but because she was told that she was a hopeless girl and there was nothing to do with her. So what? Alena won five world championships, four European championships, three Olympic medals, including Pyeongchang gold. Who is right?

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that there exists a group of people, let's call it a company, on which everything depends in Ukrainian figure skating. When you try to complain and get justice from some, you will not be able to get around these either. There is covering up for each other.

Interview in Russian

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