2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games figure skating, Jan. 7-15, Lausanne, Switzerland

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a) The Olympic Channel screen does not show "technical scores" during programmes.
I found a link that shows it (lower right corner - next to the name of the skater on ice).
Here is one for the Ladies SP. During the event, below the list of names there is a line with info on skater currently on the ice (not here now, but during the event).

b) Can someone pls explain how the Team Event works (I looked and could not find info).
  • they are only skating FS, right?
  • who gets to compete in each category in his/her respective country? the one who won? or the Feds appoint anyone they want?
  • any other info?


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Thank you. i am not maybe familiar with some terms. one more question: will the teams be "by country" or "mixed - by random draw"?
Definitely not by country - the event is "Mixed NOC (National Olympic Committee, I'm pretty sure) Team". From my reading of the team selection rules, they are first dividing the skaters into three groups based on placements, then will have a draw within each group, with a set rotation of the groups among the 8 teams to try to even out the teams a bit (e.g. team 1 gets a man and dance team from group 1, pair from group 2, lady from group 3; team 8 has man, lady and dance from group 2 and pair from group 3).

[they've got a bit of a problem already, though, because the groups are set up with Group 3 of pairs being places 8-10, and there are only 8 pairs - so obviously every pair will be on a team, but they can't have two teams getting a Group 3 pair].

Looks like it's intended to be more of a "fun" event, that gets the skaters to mix across countries - but not sure about having skaters participating in an event on a more or less random basis. If I'm reading the rules and the group allocations correctly, only 2 of the top 5 ladies will be in the team event (then 3 of the next 6, and 3 of the bottom 5).

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If I'm reading the rules and the group allocations correctly, only 2 of the top 5 ladies will be in the team event (then 3 of the next 6, and 3 of the bottom 5).
Funnily enough, one consequence of this is that none of the previous six YOG ladies medalists have ever participated in the team event. We'll see if that streak gets broken this year.


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The 8 teams for the Mixed NOC Team event were drawn today: http://www.isuresults.com/results/s...--------------------_EntryListbyEventTeam.pdf

I've added the individual final placements of the selected skaters/teams below:

1 Team Focus
KAGIYAMA Yuma JPN Men Single Skating (1)
WANG Kate USA Women Single Skating (13)
FLEMING Cate / ISBELL Jedidah USA Pair Skating (6)
TYUTYUNINA Sofya / SHUSTITSKIY Alexander RUS Ice Dance (2)

2 Team Discovery
MEMOLA Nikolaj ITA Men Single Skating (8)
CARLE Catherine CAN Women Single Skating (11)
PANFILOVA Apollinariia / RYLOV Dmitry RUS Pair Skating (1)
FRADJI Celina / FOURNEAUX Jean-Hans FRA Ice Dance (10)

3 Team Courage
LEVANDI Arlet EST Men Single Skating (12)
SINITSYNA Kseniia RUS Women Single Skating (2)
BUTAEVA Alina / BERULAVA Luka GEO Pair Skating (3)
YOSHIDA Utana / NISHIYAMA Shingo JPN Ice Dance (6)

4 Team Determination
CHA Younghyun KOR Men Single Skating (5)
PELKONEN Nella FIN Women Single Skating (16)
McINTOSH Brooke / TOSTE Brandon CAN Pair Skating (4)
WOLFKOSTIN Katarina / CHEN Jeffrey USA Ice Dance (3)

5 Team Motivation
KOKURA Andrey UKR Men Single Skating (9)
TORNAGHI Alessia ITA Women Single Skating (6)
ZEHNDER Gina / SIEBER Beda Leon SUI Ice Dance (12)

6 Team Future
NALBONE Matteo ITA Men Single Skating (14)
FROLOVA Anna RUS Women Single Skating (3)
WANG Yuchen / HUANG Yihang CHN Pair Skating (5)

7 Team Vision
MOZALEV Andrei RUS Men Single Skating (2)
SCHERMANN Regina HUN Women Single Skating (12)
NESTEROVA Sofiia / DARENSKYI Artem UKR Pair Skating (7)
D'ALESSANDRO Natalie / WADDELL Bruce CAN Ice Dance (4)

8 Team Hope
KAPEIKIS Liam USA Men Single Skating (10)
MAZZARA Maia FRA Women Single Skating (9)
ROSCHER Letizia / SCHUSTER Luis GER Pair Skating (8)
MAKITA Miku / GUNARA Tyler CAN Ice Dance (5)

FS/FD starting orders are posted for Wednesday, Jan. 15 (in event order below):

Mixed NOC Team - Ice Dance - Free Dance Starting Order
Warm-Up Group 1
1 Gina ZEHNDER / Beda Leon SIEBER SUI Team Motivation
2 Celina FRADJI / Jean-Hans FOURNEAUX FRA Team Discovery
4 Utana YOSHIDA / Shingo NISHIYAMA JPN Team Courage
Warm-Up Group 2
5 Miku MAKITA / Tyler GUNARA CAN Team Hope
6 Natalie D'ALESSANDRO / Bruce WADDELL CAN Team Vision
7 Katarina WOLFKOSTIN / Jeffrey CHEN USA Team Determination
8 Sofya TYUTYUNINA / Alexander SHUSTITSKIY RUS Team Focus

Mixed NOC Team - Pair Skating - Free Skating Starting Order
Warm-Up Group 1
1 Letizia ROSCHER / Luis SCHUSTER GER Team Hope
2 Sofiia NESTEROVA / Artem DARENSKYI UKR Team Vision
3 Cate FLEMING / Jedidah ISBELL USA Team Focus
4 Yuchen WANG / Yihang HUANG CHN Team Future
Warm-Up Group 2
5 Brooke McINTOSH / Brandon TOSTE CAN Team Determination
6 Alina BUTAEVA / Luka BERULAVA GEO Team Courage
7 Diana MUKHAMETZIANOVA / Ilya MIRONOV RUS Team Motivation
8 Apollinariia PANFILOVA / Dmitry RYLOV RUS Team Discovery

Mixed NOC Team - Women Single Skating - Free Skating Starting Order
Warm-Up Group 1
1 Nella PELKONEN FIN Team Determination
2 Kate WANG USA Team Focus
3 Regina SCHERMANN HUN Team Vision
4 Catherine CARLE CAN Team Discovery
Warm-Up Group 2
5 Maia MAZZARA FRA Team Hope
6 Alessia TORNAGHI ITA Team Motivation
7 Anna FROLOVA RUS Team Future
8 Kseniia SINITSYNA RUS Team Courage

Mixed NOC Team - Men Single Skating - Free Skating Starting Order
Warm-Up Group 1
1 Matteo NALBONE ITA Team Future
2 Arlet LEVANDI EST Team Courage
3 Liam KAPEIKIS USA Team Hope
4 Andrey KOKURA UKR Team Motivation
Warm-Up Group 2
5 Nikolaj MEMOLA ITA Team Discovery
6 Younghyun CHA KOR Team Determination
7 Andrei MOZALEV RUS Team Vision
8 Yuma KAGIYAMA JPN Team Focus

ETA that I'll start a competition thread for this event before the end of Tuesday.
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Ranking the teams based on their free skate/dance results at YOG:

Team Courage - 22
Team Focus - 21
Team Discovery [Channel] & Team Determination - 19
Team Motivation & Team Vision - 17
Team Future - 15
Team Hope - 14

Team Courage sneaks an advantage because the sorting of the participants is done using overall placements, but Yoshida/Nishiyama ranked two places higher in the free dance than they did in the overall standings, which means they have two medalists and the fourth-place finisher in the segment; their man is complete dead weight, though.

Team Focus, meanwhile, has two highest-ranked people in the segment and two people right near the bottom.


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All the CDN skaters were drawn to participate with the exception of Alexsa Rakic - the two CDN dance couples will have to compete against each other in the team event.

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