2020 Tokyo Olympic Games - Day Ten (2 August)


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Belgium also has nicknames for their teams. Quoting below my post from another thread. Interestingly enough, the name for the football team is translated into national languages (e.g. les Diables rouges in French), but the other ones stay in English - les Belgian Lions, les Belgian Cats.

Belguim's men team is through to the final in field hockey. There is some pressure on les Red Lions (pretty much every Belgian team in team sports has a nickname - e.g. Red devils in football, Belgian cats in women basketball) to get that gold medal after silver in Rio.


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That might be the greatest cheer of all time. :40beers:
I thought so at the time. :)

I am disappointed that my HS now has the Cougars as their mascot. I don't think they even have Cougars in PA. Apparently, my college now has Big Earl? Okay. [I'm pretty sure Big Earl is just the Hustling Quaker with a new name. :lol:]

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