2020 Tokyo Olympic Games - Day Four (27 July)


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After two straight days with FOURTH place in Synchro diving Mexico wins a dramatic bronze medal in the Women's 10m Platform

Alejandra Orozco wins a second olympic medal after taking Silver back in 2012 in the same event!

Mixed results overall, we took 4th after losing the bronze to Canada in Softball.

And hit our lowest performance ever in olympic taekwondo a traditional sport that always gives us medals at the Games but not this time :(


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It's such a pain. And worse in the winter, when you'd have some kind of headband/ear covering also under the helmet.

Salvino is so beautiful. I've always loved dark coloured horses like that. He's technically considered a dark bay (dark brown), rather than a true black according to his FEI bio. The white feet are called socks, by the way. And we also refer to horses with multiple white markings as having "chrome" sometimes, which some people think makes them look fancier in competition.
Right you are. It is the back legs with the sox.....not feet....although sometimes the hoof will be lighter. . I had a chestnut horse (sort of red) with four white sox an amazing white blaze down his face. He had chrome!
Will Take Charge beautiful horse with chrome.

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