2020 SkAm Pairs FS - Fall On Me


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A peacock dress to Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” - and it’s not even sung by Freddie Mercury? HUH?
I just don't understand it. Freddie and Brian's voices in the original are so lovely. Adam Lambert's version is spine-tingling. But it's never either of those two.
I don’t understand what’s wrong with the original?
Me neither. This one and The Show Must Go On are almost NEVER the originals and it drives me bananas.


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We see that the choreography of the lady trying to sell the end of the program in a lift isn't so thrilling when it's selling to a cardboard.


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Imagine and dream, Alexa & Brandon going to the Beijing Olympics and she taking a second team medal (silver most likely) she would be the first american pair lady to win olympic medals with different partners!


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Damn. Alexa and Brandon make me like a bland lyrical snot program. This is a great pairing! I haven't been a fan of Alexa, mostly because I felt like she was the one pushing Chris to keep skating when he clearly wanted to retire, but I can be a fan of her with Brandon. They're both hungry and have amazing pairs skills.


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Given Tran's longstanding issues with the side-by-sides, why are they trying side-by-side flips?
If you are just going to miss them anyway, might as well miss them on a higher base jump. More points.
Alexa is wearing the top I use to clean in.
So... don't the rhinestones scratch your furniture? :confused:
How does she wash the blingy masks????
I'm guessing in a lingerie bag. (The kind you throw it in the washer.)
Grandma called, so I've missed most of this. Looks like it's going well though.
I thought you were going to say Grandma called and she wants her skating dress back (from Alexa)

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