2020 SkAm Ladies SP - That Don't Impress Me Much


Staying at home
Have just gone on a bike ride with 6 people using a bunch of social distancing rules including masks, I am all in on only the skater in the Kiss 'n Cry. After you workout, you are breathing like crazy and there is no way anyone else should be near that, masks or no masks.


Like a small boat on the ocean...
She’s always been very fit/buff. Hence why I refe
the fake applause

Tv show my
Bradie's hair is beautiful, I agree, but matronly hair with a catsuit is a big no... I think she can keep the blonde, but maybe try a more relaxed style. She could always go Diamond Dave or vintage Dee Snider. 😉
Brandie needs an edgie hair stylist.... STAT! The Russian girls have long long rediculous hair and not a one of them looks like my grandmother,. Or someone from Little House on the Prairie.

I think I read that Brandie grows itt long and then donates it to wig makers for cancer patients. Really nice..... But maybe she could donate something else... A costume that could be auctioned off?.

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