2019 SkAm RD - Swing City


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I was able to tell the Baby Russians how great they skated...only to realize that Sofia couldn’t understand me and Igor just could. Some gesturing and smiles got the point across. Then, they were gracious enough to sign autographs for some girls and take photos with them.

I’m ubering them. They were most definitely robbed in the RD.
They were definitely robbed. I loved their skate.

As for the rest,

H&D were clearly the best but I disliked her dress. Rather unflattering, with the low waistline.

S&B skated well but I hate it when a costume gets in the way. They were able to hide it well. Bukin is a fantastic skater.

S&D were fun to watch.

I had not seen FB&S, though I knew they had one strong Challenger competition. They looked very smooth, and very good.

C&P were a bit disappointing.

I was happy to see Z&G skate again. I had missed seeing them after last year’s Russian nationals.

I did not like any of the music used.


as @Jesche says - мама knows best
I was happy to see Z&G skate again. I had missed seeing them after last year’s Russian nationals.
Thank you, it has been a rocky road, especially on the injury front!
A torn meniscus 3 weeks before Vegas was not the best preparation. :X3:


Fetchez la vache... mais fetchez la vache !
Thank you. 😘
No point dwelling on it, injuries are part and parcel of being an elite athlete.
Though it's tough to suck it up and keep going.
Such is life!
Seeing all those tapes on her legs, I wondered what happened. I hope she gets back in the best shape soon.


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I just don't think that "Too Darn Hot" the song works without its B-part. It's just repetitive. And anyway, why not add in another "Kiss Me Kate" (or other Cole Porter dammit!) number for variation?

As a Broadway obsessive, I have to say I was surprised to be generally bored tonight. WHY MOULIN ROUGE AGAIN when there's an embarrassment of riches in good musicals?!?!
I cannot agree with you more about the many so-so RD music choices in this event. That said, I’ve heard a lot of really great Broadway music this season in the RDs as well. One team, can’t recall who it was, or even if junior or senior, used the song Old Fashioned Walk. IIRC that’s from the ancient Broadway show Miss Liberty—bravo to them, wonderful! How in the world did they find that one? Glad they did 🥰

Speaking of wonderful, I was thinking exactly as you about using another song from Kiss Me Kate with Too Darn Hot. Maybe Wunderbar or Another Opening, Another Show, or best of all, Always True to You in My Fashion (but not using ANY of the sexist, politically incorrect lyrics of that song).

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