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Well, it was interesting. Feel like we're a long, long way from this finish line, but great to see several of the ladies come out with attack and snatch their shot at the open door. Especially nice to see Wakaba have a great SP skate after so many struggles.


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Stasia has a habit of screwing up the SP, then skate a great LP, so overall she finishes in the middle. It will be tough to do it in this field.

I thought both Anna and Liza were slightly undermarked but when you make mistakes, you give the judges opportunity to do that.

Both top two Japanese and Americans skated well. Tomorrow I want to see quad lutzes and triple axels though.

Are ladies not allowed to do a quad in the SP? That rule needs to be changed.

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As usual my predictions are F---ED! The skategods must do this to me to make sure I'm in 77th place or worse every time.

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I actually preferred Bradie’s program and performance to Kaori, but Kaori is undoubtedly robbed on skating skills and GOE.

I think I would have had them virtually tied overall, with Higuchi 2 points behind. Then Tuk a point or two higher in fourth, followed by Chen, Glenn, and then Scherbakova in 7th.


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Well, I made it. Now, off to bed to catch some much needed sleep. I have to go out tomorrow night and will only be able to see the Pairs Free (before I leave) & I told my husband we MUST be home in time for me to see the Ladies' FS. So, hoping some videos are available for the Men's FS and Free Dance.
Sure enjoyed today's events and reading all your insightful (and sometimes hilarious) comments.
Good night all.


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I would have placed Kaori slightly ahead of Bradie.

If no Russian Lady makes the podium here, their chances of making it to the GPF are close to zero, and making the Russian world team too. I think Shcherbakova May somehow make the podium. Tough for Liza.
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The Canadian judge really lowballed Kaori in GOE and PCS! Blame Canada! :mitchell:
But for real, they gave Kaori the same skating skills score as Tuktamysheva!


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Bradie got all level 4s, Kaori got a level 3, and Wakaba got a level 2 and 3.

For whatever reason, judge 3 didn't want to go above an 8 in PCS?? 7.25 for Kaori's SS is criminal.


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As usual my predictions are F---ED! The skategods must do this to me to make sure I'm in 77th place or worse every time.
Tomorrow could be better. At least that's what I am telling myself.

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What a great event!

BRADIE TENNELL really brought it tonight. Perfect mix of tech & artistry. Great music, choreography, costume. Personification of the quintessential lady skater... why I’ve loved this sport for so many years!

Kaori’s Edges & lean - oh my! Wakaba’s power! As much as I love my Russians - no complaints tonight. I’m sure that Tuk & Scherbakoba will be back in the finals. My only true disappointment was Lim of Korea...ugh...such a beautiful skater.


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I would have switched Bradie and Higuchi. It was such a great short program. I’m so glad it wasn’t predictable. Though, I’m more or less expecting the long to go as predicted. Shcherbakova 1st, Tukt 2nd, Sakamoto 3rd.


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Lim is getting Facetime spammed by Raf saying, "Your jumps would have been better if I still coached you LOLOLOLOL."
Heh. Raf was sitting behind us during ladies and he had a lot to say about Lim. I don't know what it was, but it was all quite animated and there were gestures.


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Bradie! Very original modern and complex program and I got a bit of Kostner vibes. The dress has to go though 😱

Kaori was great but I would have put Wakaba in second here.Kaori's LP is more fitted to her though and the fight for the gold should be very interesting!

Wakaba! So happy for her to have such a good skate after all her struggles. Hope this was a confidence booster for her and that she can keep it together in the long.

Scherbakova's program is too much of a snooze..It never really "lift" anywhere and does not play to her strenghts. Very curious to see how it affected her and to see if she can shake it off ahead of her LP. I still think she will win the competition if she manage to do one clean quad and her other elements..

Liza looked plain tired 😦
Why so many competitions going into SkAm?? Not a fan of this SP and outside the jumps when the charm is not really "on", her weaker skating skills, ice coverage and spins seems more apparent. I love Liza but I think she needs to go squeeky clean in the LP to have a chance for a top 2 placement now.

Good to see Karen out there and again, I was reminded how good speed and basics she truly has. Will she ever reach the same level she had when she won the 4th place at Worlds?? It is all about those damn jumps and it is so frustrating as when they are clean and fully rotated, they are really very good.

Amber was good but the dress and over the boots tights is just too much 🙈
She feels a bit like an Osmond type of skater with big jumps and beautiful spins but there is also something fragile to them.
If Amber manage to do one clean LP, I think it would really do a lot of good to her confidence!


Bradie!!! :eek: everything crisp, fast, stretched and the choreo is fantastic. This is modern, inventive skating choreo that held my attention throughout. Great SP.

I would have had Higuchi second but all the top three were great and although Kaori skating to power music is a good idea, for some reason I found all her positions here really ragged so not too outraged as some seem to be that she isn't leading.

Until Scherbakova sorts out here sickle feet I just can't get on board, 4z and costume change not withstanding. It absolutely ruins her skating. Coming from a country with such a strong ballet tradition and where something like sickle feet are usually easily dealt with and done so from day one, it's criminal she's been allowed to get away with it for so long. Sort it Eatery!!!


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I did not expect to wake up to that! :lol: Well, good for Bradie! I can't remember when I've enjoyed a performance of hers more. That program is perfect for her and she sells the heck out of it.


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So I think some home cooking happened here and would have both Kaori and Wakaba ahead of Bradie, whose choreo emphasized her angular, ungainly style. Wakaba (whose dress is flat-out gorgeous and appropriate) looked like her old self, such power and intensity. Kaori’s skating skills are sublime. With all three skating clean, I don’t get Bradie in first but admit it’s close.

Gonna stay up tonight no matter what, this is turning out to be a great competition.


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If it's about points, Tennel's program has more stuff, more complex. She has more work to do to smooth it and make it a whole piece. I don't really understand PCS. Haguchi had some dramatic expressions/gestures but I wasn't feeling it. Sak's program was kind of generic.

Looking at scores from the end of last year Tennel beat a lot of power skaters if not in total often on technical score. It doesn't surprise me that she's improved, more surprised that others faltered.

Expect Scher to win but Tennel is capable of beating the others.


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I wasn't here last night, but I did watch the ladies on NBC Sports channel. I loved Bradie's short program. It was light and playful, and her jumps were spot on. Bradie's artistry and presentation has improved so much. It was a delight to see her so composed.

I knew last season that her artistry was improving, and I could tell she was more confident on the ice. I can't wait to see her short program again, and I'm looking forward for what's in store with her free program.

In my predictions, I have Bradie in second place overall. I wouldn't mind being wrong at all if she does win Skate America. Congratulations, Bradie, for placing first. Job well done! :cheer2::respec:

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