2019 Minto Summer Skate (Ontario CAN), July 25-28


Rooting for underdogs!
Minto Summer Skate
July 25 – 28/19
Richcraft Sportsplex [Ottawa East]
Gloucester, ON
Website: https://skateontario.org/event/sectionals-series-ottawa/

From the Announcement (linked from above):

General Admission
Adult- $5.00 per day
Adult Weekend Pass - $15.00
Senior and Children Weekend Pass - $10.00
Seniors and Children 4 – 12 years - $3.00
Children 3 years and under - free

Live, free streaming is anticipated again via Skate Ontario's Dailymotion channel (last year there was live streaming from the Canadian Tire & HEO Rinks): https://www.dailymotion.com/skateontario

Event schedule (3 rinks) as of July 17: https://skateontario.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Minto-19-Schedule-As-of-July-17.pdf

Starting Orders already are posted on the Results page: https://skateontario.org/results/19S1/index.htm


Ice Dance events are on Thursday & Friday. Hope McLean/Liam Fawcett (new) is the only Senior dance team listed.

JUNIOR DANCE (27 teams) Rhythm Dance starting order includes all 9 NextGen teams (marked *):
*Emmy Bronsard / Aissa Bouaraguia
*Kiera Kam / Mathew Carter
*Miku Makita / Tyler Gunara
*Nadiia Bashynska / Peter Beaumont
Utana Yoshida / Shingo Nishiyama (new, JPN) based at Toronto CS & CC
Sara Buch-Weeke / Nicolas Woodcock (new, DEN) based at Mariposa
*Natalie D'Alessandro / Bruce Waddell
Olivia Oliver / Josh Andari (new, JGP for POL) based at Mariposa
*Isabel McQuilkin / Jake Portz
*Sophia Kagolovskaya / Kieran MacDonald
*Irina Galiyanova / Grayson Lochhead
*Olivia McIsaac / Corey Circelli

Senior & Junior Men/Women/Pairs are on Saturday & Sunday.

* = on NextGen Team

SENIOR MEN (9) SP starting order: Bennet Toman, Conrad Orzel, Alistair Lam, *Joseph Phan, Nicolas Nadeau, Brandon Day, Thomas Pelletier, Philipp Mule, Matthew Markell.

SENIOR WOMEN (33) SP starting order includes: Kim Decelles, *Hannah Dawson, Gabrielle Daleman, Ekaterina Kurakova (POL), Michelle Long, Emy Decelles, Alicia Pineault

SENIOR PAIRS (6) SP starting order:
Justine Brasseur / Mark Bardei
Camille Ruest / Andrew Wolfe
Lubov Ilyushechkina / Charlie Bilodeau
Nadine Wang / Francis Boudreau-Audet
Isabella Gamez / David-Alexandre Paradis (PHI)
Lori-Ann Matte / Thierry Ferland

JUNIOR MEN (12) SP starting order includes: *Corey Circelli, Shingo Nishiyama (JPN), *Alec Guinzbourg, Bruce Waddell, *Iliya Kovler

Group 1 includes: *Melaurie Boivin, *Catherine Carle, Natalie D'Alessandro, Brooke McIntosh, *Amelia Orzel, *Madeline Schizas
Group 2 incl.: *Sarah-Maude Blanchard, Elodie Adsuar
Group 3 incl.: *Alison Schumacher, Sandrine Bouchard, *Britannie Grenier, Lia Pereira
Group 4 incl.: Hana Watanabe, *Doriela Lugo-Mayrand

JUNIOR PAIRS (12) SP starting order:
*Gabrielle Levesque / Pier-Alexandre Hudon
Clémence Vallieres / Samir Andjorin
Cassandra Leung / Paxton Fletcher (new)
Caidence Derenisky / Raine Eberl
*Kelly-Ann Laurin / Loucas Ethier
Audrey Carle / Gabriel Farand (new)
Mackenzie Ripley / Owen Brawley
*Brooke Mcintosh / Brandon Toste
Emy Carignan / Bryan Pierro (new)
*Camille Perreault / William St-Louis (new)
*Patricia Andrew / Zachary Daleman (new)
*Chloe Panetta / Benjamin Mimar
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I hope they will archive like they did last year (no sign yet but it's early) because I'm probably going to miss all of the senior men and most of the senior women's free.


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Was anyone watching the early women's competition (the STAR groups)? I could swear I saw Juliane Seguin with one of the skaters in the K&C. Is she doing some coaching?

Catherine M

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Was anyone watching the early women's competition (the STAR groups)? I could swear I saw Juliane Seguin with one of the skaters in the K&C. Is she doing some coaching?

Yes Julianne is coaching. Her boyfriend Mathieu Ostiguy and his sister opened a skating school recently in Quebec and on his facebook post, mentioned that Julianne and Justine Brasseur would be part of the coaching staff.


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McLean & Fawcett-Oh, dear, looks like she hurt herself (not sure how, performance looked like your average debut for a new team). Came off the ice holding up her leg & with him trying to help. Second piece was "Let's Be Bad."


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No Bronsard & Bouaraguia.

Kam & Carter-(Novice #2 from last season). 50's feel theme. Sherrie and Can't Take My Eyes Off of You. Glitches off the top but nice basic skating quality. Quite a bit of distance between them. 43.85

Makita & Gunara-Hairspray. Cute. "I Can Hear the Bells" and "You Can't Stop the Beat." Much more polished team. Nice unison. Program is adorable. 55.33
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Bashynska & Beaumont-The King & I. First piece was "Getting to Know You." Julie Andrews version, I think. Smooth. Twizzles were nice. Could use more expression & little touches to highlight the music & story. 57.49

Yoshida & Nishiyama-A Chorus Line. "I Can Do That" & "One Singular Sensation," with dialogue from the audition version of the latter. (I am going to love the RD this season:biggrinbo . These are adorable). Smooth performance for a developing team. Could extend all the movements more and could use more expression once they are more comfortable with the program. 53.43
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Guertin & Jeromkin. Yellow Submarine/Beatles. "With a Little Help From My Friends" & "All My Lovin." Everything a bit rough. 32.32

Doey & Bisson. Aladdin. All instrumental. Second piece is "A Friend Like Me." Fall on the lift at the end. 24.84

Iannetta & Carr. Sinatra. "The Best is Yet to Come" and "Pick Yourself Up." Very nice. Smooth style & appropriate movement for the music. Unison was nice. She had a little trip on the footwork at the end & looked disappointed, but I think a nice surprise to me. (Second set of twizzles were a bit shaky. True for probably everyone except Bashynska & Beaumont thus far). 39.65

ETA: Announcer says that D'Alessandro & Waddell have withdrawn.


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Buch-Weeke & Woodcock. "You & Me" & "Puttin' On the Ritz." Cute team. And my phone rings, interrupting my Broadway show. Grrr. 34.85

Li & Richmond. "I Love Paris" & "C'est Magnifique." Tall team. They could have great line, but they really need stretch & to work on the unison. I liked the second half of the program best. 50.07
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Tremblay & Couture. "New York, New York." (Sorry, I missed the score).

Note: This theme is really going to separate the strong performers from the teams that just smile their way through the music. You can tell it's a big stretch for a lot of the juniors, and I would guess they will get better at it as they become comfortable with their programs.

Oliver & Andari. "At Last" & "Why Don't You Do Right." New team. Feels like they're in the early stages. 45.19

Hensen & Lickers. "Crazy in Love?" Maybe? Sorry, missed most of this one. (Timer rang & I had to rescue pasta). 45.47 (The second four might be something else).

Rho & Yang, Verrelli & Lewis, and I assume Embro & Millar withdrew.


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Poirier & Whittaker. Funny Girl. "You Are Woman" & "Don't Rain On My Parade." She's trying in the performance department. (Seriously, dude. You're skating "You are Woman" and not even looking at her? That's not really working? LOL). Was going well until he fell on the twizzles toward the very end. 30.24

Boone & Cowan. "Fever" and "Too Darn Hot." (Fever? Really?) He had a bit of a trip toward the end. They were doing OK until then. Score is taking a while. Ugh. Technical difficulties & we are not getting the score right now.

McQuilkin & Portz. "Sing, Sing, Sing" & "Big Spender." (Novice #3 from last season). Speed is nice and they skate close. They look well practiced & ready for the season. All except the usual tentative second set of twizzles. Scores still not available. (Shame. I would like to know where they finish. Suspect they did rather well).

Levesque & Faucher. "Sooner or Later." Rather rough in general.

Kagolovskaya & MacDonald. 42nd Street. (Novice #1). Nice young team. I've been looking forward to seeing them because I didn't last year. Program kind of wove in and out between good moments & some challenging ones. (Twizzles were tentative & skaters got a bit far apart in the footwork). Not a bad start though. Potential. (Assume the scores still aren't working).


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Behiel & Behiel. "Fascinating Rhythm" & "Puttin' On the Ritz." Confident performance. Very nice for the start of their season. (Excepting the 2nd set of twizzles ;) ). Put some personality into their performance, including him.

Katrayan & Derochi. "My Girl:)" and "Dancing in the Street." Have a lot of developing to do as a team, but the music is great.

Lavoie & Jalbert. Singing in the Rain. "Singing in the Rain" & "Good Morning." Charming. (Haven't ever seen a non-charming Singing in the Rain). Feet were kind of sloppy. Twizzles were more confident but a bit far apart. Nice program though.

Galiyanova & Lochhead. Bonnie & Clyde. "How Bout a Dance." Then instrumental second half, which they act out:biggrinbo. Best Bonnie & Clyde that I have seen. She's really selling it. They look more mature & more comfortable with each other than last season. And then, yikes! She falls on her second set of twizzles. Good program though.
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McIsaac & Circelli. Funny Girl. "I'd Rather Be Blue Over You" & "Don't Rain On My Parade." A bit glitchy. Think his entrance into the final element wasn't right. Twizzles were far apart. 55.36

1. Bashynska & Beaumont
2. McIsaac & Circelli
3. Makita & Gunara

Not bad, guys. Lots of fun programs! 2 Puttin' On the Ritz & 2 Funny Girls; but zero Cabarets or Chicagos.

Loved Makita & Gunara's Hairspray number the best. They were a bit off on the second twizzle set, but program is great. I recommend checking it out if you have a chance!
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The full scores for the RD are up.

1. Bashynska/Beaumont (57.49) - level 3 on both parts of the TTF.
2. McIsaac/Circelli (55.36) - TTF levels 4 & 3; they'd have been in first place, but they lost levels on her twizzles and the lift.
3. Makita/Gunara (55.33) - TTF levels 3 & 2.
4. Yoshida/Nishiyama (53.43) - fantastic start considering how new they are as a team, and he to the discipline. Level 2 & 3.
5. Kagolovskaya/MacDonald (52 even) - levels 3 & 4 on TTF, only level 3 each on twizzles.

Galiyanova/Lochhead in seventh; levels 3 & 4 on TTF, and they got level 3 on the diagonal step, one of only two teams to get above a level 2, but lost levels on their lift and (obviously) on their twizzles.


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McIsaac & Circelli over Makita & Gunara on Interpretation of Music, my foot. :rolleyes:

It's a nice top 8 though. Galiyanova & Lochhead will climb if they just skate solid, but they had to be hoping to lead so dug themselves quite a hole. Still, it happens with debut programs and, really, 90% of the field had a lousy second set of twizzles today. G&L just had among the lousiest.


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I watched as much of junior dance as I could in the airport in Winnipeg as I waited for my delayed plane. I really enjoyed it. In general they seem way better than I remember. I was thinking Canada has a marvelous legacy of dance success as well as some great coaches and I hope it is easier to get young male skaters into dance.


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FRI - Sr FD 5:55pm (10 mins long), Jr FD 6:05pm (3 hrs long)

11:20am Jr Men SP
12:45pm Sr Men SP
3:05pm Jr Pair SP
4:45pm Sr Pair SP
5:45pm Sr Ladies SP
Jr Ladies SP all day 9:20am to 10:20pm in 3rd rink

Sr Men FS 9:05am
Sr Ladies FS 10:30am
Sr Pairs FS 2:35pm
Jr Pairs FS 3:40pm
Jr Men FS 10:30am (in 2nd rink)
Jr Ladies FS 8am-4:45pm (in 3rd rink)


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Just tuning in for the jr. fd now. I missed the first two groups but caught the scores for Katrayan/Derochie: 75.19. I think that’s a big score for them, and judging by their reactions, they certainly seemed to agree.

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