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2017 World Team Trophy Pairs SP & FS

Discussion in 'Kiss And Cry 2016-2017' started by Sylvia, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. umronnie

    umronnie Well-Known Member

    C/L put a spell on me. A sleeping spell. I hope it doesn't last 100 years.
  2. umronnie

    umronnie Well-Known Member

    So glad team France won a ticket to WTT for another chance to see this brilliant J/C 50Shades!
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  3. umronnie

    umronnie Well-Known Member

    Evgenia can't wait for the season to be over, it seems.
  4. umronnie

    umronnie Well-Known Member

    Ah. Mystery solved - no poncho...
  5. Sylvia

    Sylvia It's club comp. season!

    Result Details
    1 Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES FRA 75.72 41.81 33.91 8.39 8.18 8.71 8.57 8.54 0.00 #5 12
    2 Cheng PENG / Yang JIN CHN 71.36 40.17 31.19 7.68 7.46 7.89 8.00 7.96 0.00 #2 11
    3 Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Michael MARINARO CAN 69.56 38.16 31.40 7.79 7.68 7.96 7.86 7.96 0.00 #4 10
    4 Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOV RUS 66.37 34.74 34.63 9.07 8.75 8.29 8.71 8.46 3.00 #6 9
    5 Ashley CAIN / Timothy LEDUC USA 59.57 32.29 27.28 6.82 6.61 6.89 6.89 6.89 0.00 #1 8
    6 Sumire SUTO / Francis BOUDREAU-AUDET JPN 54.84 29.39 26.45 6.71 6.54 6.43 6.75 6.64 1.00 #3

    Protocols: http://www.jsfresults.com/intl/2016-2017/wtt/data0303.pdf

    Top 3 in SP:
    James/Cipres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeLyBxe_-s8
    Peng/Jin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9yj5l-x6fI
    Moore-Towers/Marinaro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcOwQ0cnt8U
    Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAhZXyHyCh8LglHbjnZgX6w/videos

    Team Standings after this event:
    1 Team Russia 53 (9)
    2 Team U.S.A. 51 (8)
    3 Team Japan 51 (7)
    4 Team China 43 (11)
    5 Team Canada 41 (10)
    6 Team France 31 (won pairs 12)
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  6. Karpenko

    Karpenko Not Impressed.

    *crickets* :sheep:

    Vanessa and Morgan were awesome! I love their style and they're getting a lot cleaner everywhere. My only gripe is they tend to skate a bit far apart when doing footwork, but it's so nice to see them WIN. :cheer: (The short)

    I hope Evgenia is okay, I'm guessing she's working through an injury of sorts. She never really falls like that, let alone twice. Technically they've gotten so impressive this season, I hope next years programs do them justice. It's really the only thing that they're missing as a team.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
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  7. honey

    honey Well-Known Member

    Maybe she's still feeling the effects of the injury at worlds where she had stitches in her leg?
  8. pinky166

    pinky166 #teamtrainwreck #teamdiva

    Woke up to see J/C first and Leftovers second, just what I hoped for! :D Hell yeah :respec: 75 is a great score for J/C

    T/M :gallopin1 66 is really low for their standards
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  9. Kateri

    Kateri void beast

    I missed this cause more medical kidcrises, but I can't wait to watch Vanessa & Morgan, they must've been wonderful! And rough for T/M, yikes. Poor babs.
  10. Wyliefan

    Wyliefan Well-Known Member

    Hope the kids are okay, @Kateri.
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  11. cocotaffy

    cocotaffy Politicking for P/C to skate on whale sounds

    Me too, I hope your kids are fine.

    Vanessa and James were fab and getting more confident. Their transitions into elements are among the best now. I was happy for the Leftovers too, I really enjoy them, so much personality in this team, I would have rather seen them at Worlds than Zhang/Yu even if Yu is lovely.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
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  12. barbk

    barbk Well-Known Member

    Thrilled for James & Cipre. The twist catch looked great and so did the triple sals. I'd be very happy if they kept this SP for next year and got a new LP.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
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  13. marysy

    marysy Well-Known Member

    Did anyone watch the NBCSN coverage of the event? It was my first time watching it, and liked Tanith as usual, but Ryan Bradley sounded oddly stiff. Watching the pairs, he also seemed rather negative towards Peng/Jin for example, who I thought had a charming and very clean skate. He kept talking about how she just barely saved her triple loop throw when it was incredibly clean and received all +2 or +3s in GOE in the protocols. Very strange.

    Very happy for James/Cipres and hope that Evgenia Tarasova's doing ok. Hopefully it's just the short turnaround time from Worlds and not having fully recovered and rested from that experience...though it makes me wonder why Russia didn't send another team.
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  14. skatfan

    skatfan Well-Known Member

    T/M were the top Russian pair this season - they would have had to claim injury to miss. I'm sure Stolb/Kim didn't want to go either, which would have left Zob/Enb I guess. Easily the worst performance by this team in a while - hope they can bring it tomorrow.
  15. kwanfan1818

    kwanfan1818 I <3 Kozuka

    Did Papadakis/Cizeron and/or Virtue/Moir claim injury? I haven't read that they did.

    The rules state that if they don't, the ISU can replace the team. (As if.) If the teams are not replaced, then the skaters can't perform in comps or shows from Monday after Worlds until after WTT.
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  16. Sylvia

    Sylvia It's club comp. season!

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  17. 4rkidz

    4rkidz plotting, planning and travelling

    Anybody up for this? 2.15 am here I'm awake may as well watch seeing as my favourite event
  18. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

    I'm up for this - out west so it's not quite so late.
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  19. 4rkidz

    4rkidz plotting, planning and travelling

    I have no plans tomorrow so can catch up on sleep! I am hoping that Canada can move up to third overall but might be a long shot
  20. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

    I was thinking the same - but yes, it's a really long shot.

    I'm not expecting it that's for sure.
  21. sk8fan2

    sk8fan2 Member

    Will try to stay up for all of it.
  22. alilou

    alilou Crazy Stalker Lady

    I'll be up for pairs but probably not for the ladies.
  23. Sylvia

    Sylvia It's club comp. season!

    We lead off with the first of 2 "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (Peng/Jin's FS music, too).

    ETA: :lol: that Kana Muramoto held up an umbrella in the kiss & cry!
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2017
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  24. LKR

    LKR Active Member

    Suto's throw loop is basically Ashley Wagner's triple loop as a throw.
  25. 4rkidz

    4rkidz plotting, planning and travelling

    Oh gosh nasty fall by Ashley which tripped her partner but they recovered, he seemed a bit winded. I enjoyed it though, pairs kids are so brave!
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  26. LKR

    LKR Active Member

    Cain and LeDuc reminding us avalanches still exist despite global warming.
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  27. skateboy

    skateboy Well-Known Member

    Nice redemption skate for T/M.
  28. umronnie

    umronnie Well-Known Member

    The day the Music died, thank God.
    Evgenia is a trooper.
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