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    #TeamTrainwreck 17: Just don't screw up like you always do!

    I really enjoyed Galustyan but once the programme finished you could see the TES box dropping very quickly. I think every jump was borderline in the replays. I liked the presentation. Oh crikey, last place!!! They really slaughtered her even on PCS. It’s such a pity after a great short at the...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 16: We do hard, not crazy!

    That was a nice interview with Stasia, she came across really well. I liked her kindness to the Brazilian skaters, calling them ‘great fellows’ and also her reference to ‘passions raging on the internet’ 😁 Of course she was asked about Tat’s comment on her weight issues 😠 On the whole I really...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 16: We do hard, not crazy!

    Very disappointing for Serafima. I thought after getting 200+ in CS Tallinn Trophy, she would be able to challenge Miyahara here. From the the protocols she had no 3-3 and no 3 jump combo. Also her PCS was quite low, beaten on them by Cotop and Rodeghiero. Kinda worrying. What does the future...
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    1999 Cup of Russia - Lifetime

    I was actually expecting to see a full blown meltdown so am a bit disappointed. The editing, commentary and choice of music was superb on that piece. It was all drama, drama, drama 😂😂😂. It sounded as if they were about to split. Moskvina was very honest with the reporter, great to see her sill...
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    1999 Cup of Russia - Lifetime

    I enjoyed seeing Petrova/Tikhonov skating their Four Seasons. It seemed to be their default programme, they skated to it a good few years. I always liked this couple they were kinda dumped by the judges around SLC but fought back to the worlds podium. They could have got an Olympic medal in...
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    New blog covering forgotten figure skaters from the past

    I was kinda shocked by all of Yebin Mok’s troubles of the ice. Nice to see that she is back skating and enjoying it. She was a lovely skater. This is another nice clip of her; I never heard of David Lee, his step sequences were brilliant, the audiences enjoyed his...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 14: "I Don't Care. #StillHere"

    That really was a beautiful skate by Vera and Andrei. I loved the exit from the throw. What is Vera doing now? Andrei is probably busy decorating the nursery now for his impending arrival. The 2016 Cup of Tyrol also gave us this epic K&C performance from J/C.
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    #TeamTrainwreck 14: "I Don't Care. #StillHere"

    A very nice skate for Leonova in NHK. Currently sitting in 2nd, behind Kihara, on 68.22. I really enjoyed the performance, 3T3T, 2A, 3F. The combo was lovely, maybe a bit stingy on GOE though. She really is a fighter, hope she has a great free.
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    From Russia with Love [#30]: If There Are Test Skate Videos, It Must Be Fall 2018

    Polischuk/Vakhnov were one of my favourite couples. I was very disappointed to see them split. I often rewatch their R&J and Black Swan. I thought they were very balletic and elegant. I can’t imagine why anyone would call her vulgar. Congrats to Katia and all the best Anna With her new...
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    Gymnastics News #21 - Tumbling on to Tokyo

    Two exciting AA’s competitions. Glad for the Russian guys to get two medals, their vaulting and tumbling on floor is spectacular. I was surprised to hear that Oleg Verniaiev has never won a worlds AA medal, I hope he gets one in the future. I was impressed with Davtyan, called up as a reserve...
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    Gymnastics News #21 - Tumbling on to Tokyo

    That’s was a very disappointing team final, I found it a bit boring. The outcome was clear from the beginning, the only question being how much would the USA win by. They weren’t quite flawless but still won by a countrymile. It would have been amazing to see Canada on the podium but they just...
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    Gymnastics News #21 - Tumbling on to Tokyo

    Was watching on BBC2 when they switched, in rotation 5, to the red button to allow coverage of the budget 😡 It was quite an exciting competition till then and the Russians looked very good and I assumed they had gold sewn up. So I was surprised when I seen the results and they had lost by .049...
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    #TeamTrainwreck 14: "I Don't Care. #StillHere"

    I think Galuystan has done well to pull a guy as hot as Vakhnov. I wonder what delights his private account holds? It’s nice to see her back skating. Has he split from Konkina? He should get back with Polishchuk. The Russian MAG squad are looking pretty good, hopefully plenty of success awaits...
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    Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Stolbova

    What a great interview. Very honest answers from Ksenia but also probing questions from the journalist. It was very interesting to here her take on Fedors fall in the Europeans (it was just an accident) and their decision to skip worlds that year to work on the quad was a mistake. The Olympic...
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    From Russia with love [#29]: Spring 2018 and beyond

    I am a big fan of T/M, I really hope the move to Trankov works for them but I am glad Robin and Peter T are still involved. They got so much hate last year, which I felt was very unfair. IMO they are one of the few tops pairs where both skaters are of equally high ability. I have lost count of...
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    From Russia with love [#29]: Spring 2018 and beyond

    I’m really disappointed to see that Kristina has decided to retire. I really enjoyed them as a couple, they were that bit different to everyone else. I think they had the potential for a European medal in future years, maybe not at the world level. Still a career where she has represented her...
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    Keeping track of official retirements & skaters not competing in 2018-19 as well as notable coaching changes & team splits

    I didn’t realise Misha Ge had retired. I will miss his skating, I really came to enjoy his skating since Sochi and was delighted to see him medal in a GP last season. Wishing him a happy retirement, I’m sure he will be in demand for his choreography. I’m getting a bit bored of all the teams...
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    Dylan Moscovitch Retiring from Competitive Skating

    That was a beautiful statement from Lubov, they really seemed to have a special connection and bond. I really would have loved to see them in PyeongChang but sadly it wasn’t to be, maybe they peaked a year to early. Wishing them both the best of luck in their future careers. Is their a suitable...
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    Evgenia Medvedeva out of 2018 Worlds

    I’m shocked that she has pulled out, it must still really hurt. I’d take it as a sign that she will be competing for a few more years. It’s was such a badly timed injury, it did derail her Olympic challenge. Zagitova would still have been a huge threat, but if she won the GPF and was at...
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    From Russia with love [#28]: Autumn to Winter 2017

    That was a very impressive skate from A/V. They look very good together, hopefully they can build from this, they could be a threat on the JGP. I always thought he looked small for a Pairs skater but when I checked his bio I realized Ustimkina was tall, he is 6 foot+. I will miss Alina, there...