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  1. ioana

    Downgraded jumps at Adult Sectionals

    Oh, I toe waltz when there's nothing wrong with my first jump in a combo, so realistically under-rotated toes would be fine for me. I just do those to be able to repeat jumps anyways. Was more worried about the downgraded axels since 0 pts instead of 2.2 is a big change in your TS, but will see...
  2. ioana

    Downgraded jumps at Adult Sectionals

    I knew about the under change, but this is a fair reminder. What struck me were the downgrades, not so much under-rotations (those I would almost expect, based on the change you just mentioned again). Guess Shin Amano decided to moonlight at Adult Sectionals this year :p considering how many...
  3. ioana

    Downgraded jumps at Adult Sectionals

    Am hoping some of the judges who read this can weigh in. Noticed a lot of downgraded jumps (especially axels in silver ladies) at this year's Adult Sectionals. Was there a change in rules when it comes to what leads to that call, i.e. more than half a revolution short? Since it seems more...
  4. ioana

    Maribel Vinson's Primer of Figure Skating -- relevance to today's skaters

    All of this. Also, everyone learns things differently. I am definitely very odd when it comes to figuring things out and somehow working on my LFO paragraph loop helped my axel take off. Finally understood the difference between leaning into an edge to the point where you are forced into a loop...
  5. ioana

    Coaching Changes -- best ways and worst ways to do it

    Most coaches at my rink have their post-lesson followups during ice resurfaces, between freestyle sessions. So their students are either taking off skates and leaving or staying for the next session, but either way that's when they catch up on what their kid needs to focus on when they skate by...
  6. ioana

    Coughlin's Safe Sport Status Changed to Interim Suspension

    Did anyone else see the #justiceforjohncoughlin temporary profile pics that are showing up on FB? Am not entirely sure what they mean but it doesn't come across as an impartial stance -at least, not to me. And the reason why I would even bring up being impartial is because I've seen that from...
  7. ioana

    Kevin Reynolds is retiring

    Fumie Suguri also did a Jenkins program back in 06-07 Agreed Kevin's musical choices got progressively more interesting as he got older and started picking his own music more and more. Was a big fan of his Chambermaid Swing SP back in the day. First...
  8. ioana

    2018 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, April 10-14 in Marlborough, MA

    My program in case anyone wants to feel better about how unprepared they are right now :P. It is more of a program now. Marginally ;)
  9. ioana

    Jean-François Ballester has passed away

    Yes, kids use RIP to describe anything that doesn't work on social media, i.e. my 3loop is on vacation RIP. When I first saw the story, I was hoping it was more of the same and this was a coaching change. Must be terrible for all the skaters and family involved. He clearly was a great technical...
  10. ioana

    Japanese figure skating 2018-19 season news & updates

    There's a very good interview with Akiko Suzuki on her life after competitive skating, growth of skating popularity in Japan and some of the challenges she dealt with as a competitor here. Google translate worked reasonably well for me :)...
  11. ioana

    Love, Balls and Courting: Tennis V

    Believe you mean on-court coaching is legal on the WTA tour since box coaching gets called for violations plenty of times on tour. It's very true the on court coaching option tends to widen the gulf between players who have financial backing/success and those who don't, but it can sometimes make...
  12. ioana

    The boot saga continues :(

    The one drawback to removing original soles (for me) was lack of padding/warmth. The original Jackson insoles were really nice, but my arch was too high for my feet to fit in properly. Fit was fine afterwards, but skating in the winter definitely required fleece bootcovers/leg warmers over the...
  13. ioana

    International Adult Figure Skating Competition, May 14-19, 2018 in Oberstdorf GER

    Midori did compete in the artistic event and looked very happy
  14. ioana

    International Adult Figure Skating Competition, May 14-19, 2018 in Oberstdorf GER

    Midori Ito was on the entry list again, but not sure if she's still going. Would be awesome in case she is.
  15. ioana

    UPDATED/CONFIRMED: Evgenia Medvedeva leaving Tutberidze for Orser

    That might be some of the best news yet. I always thought she got lost in the shuffle this past Olympic season with some snoozy programs that did nothing to showcase her extension and power. Hopefully the right coaching team and choreographer can help with that. She's got talent to spare and I...
  16. ioana

    Competitions with Decent Number of Adults

    Mass-centric recommendations from my end, but that shouldn't come as a huge surprise Colonial adult challenge is fun and has all-adult entries North Shore Open and Boston Open both have some adult entries, but more on the several side rather than...
  17. ioana

    The Ross Miner Cheer Thread

    Ross will be skating in the Ice Theatre of New York show on Thursday, May 17th for anyone in the New York area. ITNY usually has some nice, creating group numbers and it would be great to see Ross perform with them
  18. ioana

    2018 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, April 10-14 in Marlborough, MA

    Adult competitions are generally fun since everyone is very supportive, but this was one of my better experiences as a competitor. My other friends in the event are now joking they will try to cut back on training since that seemed to work really well for me.
  19. ioana

    2018 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, April 10-14 in Marlborough, MA

    Seemed to be average rink temperature to me (i.e. winter jacket should be good enough), but as a disclaimer I didn't watch anything longer than one hour at a time. Upstairs area with vendors and results/start orders is nice and warm, on the plus side.
  20. ioana

    2018 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, April 10-14 in Marlborough, MA

    Coffee bribes to get help moving them around, lol! Are you doing bronze light interpretive? One of the other adult skaters from my club is in the event so I should be around to watch -and am happy to help with props, if need be:cheer: