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  1. aliceanne

    On your hypothetical skating team

    To me Michell Johansson Method sounds like hairstyling. I always think of Paul Mitchell the hair care guy when I hear that name, and I picture Mark and Peter with their twin fade cuts.
  2. aliceanne

    #TeamTrainwreck 16: We do hard, not crazy!

    Sounds like a future thread title.
  3. aliceanne

    Most Controversial Judging Decisions Ever

    Scott used to bring it up every time he had to commentate on Orser or Sabovchik in pro events. It really bugged him that he didn't skate well in the free portions and won because of his lead in figures (and probably reputation, although the 2 often went hand-in-hand).
  4. aliceanne

    Lubov I. and Charlie B. forms new partnership to compete for Canada

    How many more points do pairs skaters get for doing sloppy SBS triple toes/salchows as opposed to clean double axels or double lutzes? Especially if one partner splats or underrotates the triple?
  5. aliceanne

    Is training "typical" around the world?

    I seem to remember reading somewhere (Skating magazine?) that USFS recommended that if you plan to take their tests that you practice 10 hours a week. To be internationally competitive you would need to exceed the test requirements by a great degree.
  6. aliceanne

    Examples of skaters only doing a jump when they needed to

    Carol Heiss practiced a triple loop in the 1960's. She did so in case Sjouke Dykstra added a triple toe to her competition programs. Dykstra never did, so Heiss never used her triple in competition either. ETA: actually it was the 1950’s, she retired in 1960.
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    Skaters with great basics plus musicality

    Johnny Weir in his prime, the exit edge on his jumps used to be spectacular in programs like Dr. Zhivago. Unfortunately he got distracted by celebrity and didn’t maintain his training or fitness. Edit to add this program: Johnny with Gregory/Petchukov...
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    1999 Cup of Russia - Lifetime

    Was she with Sikharulidze then? I thought he was supposed to be so supportive.
  9. aliceanne

    1999 Cup of Russia - Lifetime

    I seem to remember a competition where Berezhnaya and partner skated poorly and her partner walked out in huff and left her alone in the Kiss and Cry. I’m pretty sure it was Berezhnaya because I remember the fluff piece was about her getting the blade in the head on a side by side camel from a...
  10. aliceanne

    Quad toeloop from inside three turn entry

    Thanks . I figured it out after I typed it. I learned loop jumps that way. I never thought to do a toe loop that. I’ll try it.
  11. aliceanne

    Quad toeloop from inside three turn entry

    I thought the jump from an outside 3 turn (inside edge takeoff) was a toe walley. How are you getting on an outside edge to do a toe loop?
  12. aliceanne

    Upcoming Torvill & Dean biopic on Christmas Day on ITV

    Yes, in the book I have they said that Sawbridge got involved with some guy and started spending less and less time with them, then one day her boyfriend showed up at the rink and told them she wouldn't be back. They claimed they weren't even invited to the wedding. The relationship with his...
  13. aliceanne

    Upcoming Torvill & Dean biopic on Christmas Day on ITV

    Nah, this was a cheesey coming of age movie. Lots of bad dialog and unintended comedy. The line where Jayne wanted to look the way she feels is the closest they came to being voidy. It was rather comical because she was rhapsodizing to an uninterested receptionist, who was just asking what...
  14. aliceanne

    Upcoming Torvill & Dean biopic on Christmas Day on ITV

    Did Dean’s mother attend the Olympics? I thought his autobiography said that she left when he was 5, and he never saw her again. T/D in their book also claimed Janet Sawbridge dropped them abruptly at her new boyfriend/fiancé’s command (he came to the rink and told them, not her). The movie...
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    Penny Marshall Has Died

    She was also one of the regulars on the Odd Couple, Oscar’s secretary Myrna.
  16. aliceanne

    Draft Dylan Moscovitch!

    He competed at dance with a different sister than the one he did pairs with. He also did singles and of course pairs.
  17. aliceanne

    Draft Dylan Moscovitch!

    Dylan does have the advantage that he has competed in all three disciplines, has partnered his sisters, a Canadian, and a Russian. So he should have a varied perspective.
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    Need suggestions for a trip to Boston

    The Boston Opera House is an old vaudeville theater with a spectacular interior of gilt, balconies, and red carpets. It is near Boston Common in the theater district, you could check out what is playing. I saw "Wicked" there.
  19. aliceanne

    Ice Dance Partnership Break-Ups Resulting In Success For Another Team or Changing the Trajectory of Ice Dance

    The Hubbells are an example of a fairly successful brother/sister team that split. It has worked out for Madison, I don't know if Kiefer wanted to continue or not, but if so, not for him. The success of Hubbell/Donohue has affected Chock/Bates trajectory.
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    How do you deal with Junk phone calls on your cell phone?

    I just keep my cell on vibrate. If I don’t recognize the number or they don’t leave a message I don’t answer or return the call. I average 2 or more nuisance calls a day and don’t bother looking them up or block (it doesn’t do any good). I read somewhere that the Equifax breach accelerated...