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  1. antmanb

    Practice Thread

    Yesterday's practice went ok - jumps were ok but both loop and flips were giving me fits and getting me incredibly frustrated so coach moved me on to field moves and turns, she went for all of the turns that I usually struggle with for various mental block reasons (BI 3s, BO double 3s, FI Rocker...
  2. antmanb

    Post Brexit Thread (2)

    As much as it pains me to say this but she's right - a general election will bring nothing but more chaos. The politicians will go into general election mode and nothing more will actually be done about Brexit. I don't know the timings off the top of my head but i'm guessing if a general...
  3. antmanb

    Skaters with great basics plus musicality

    IMO versatility is over-rated is figure skating. I think its an enormous ask of competitive skaters who have to fit all the required technical elements into their competitive programmes to not just be able to interpret music and emote but demand that they be able to tackle different types of...
  4. antmanb

    Post Brexit Thread (2)

    He didn't cause it but he has absolutely contributed to it because he's not even much of a closet Brexiteer - he has said as much. If Labour had had a leader who was strongly a remainer they could have used it to regain power but because Crobyn is a simpering wet fart who believes we should be...
  5. antmanb

    Practice Thread

    Last night's practice was great :cheer2: From the minute I set foot on the ice I felt over my skates properly, I took a nice long time to warm up with edges and turns and some MIF, really concentrating on the bend of the skating leg and extension of the free leg. I then practised some jumps...
  6. antmanb

    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    This wall is ridiculous, regardless of how ridiculous it is, the Berlin Wall it is decidedly not, in any way shape or form...except for the fact it is a wall.
  7. antmanb

    Post Brexit Thread (2)

    Jeremy Corbyn is an effing idiot. He's had the door wide open to him and he can't even take one step towards it. I despair of our country's politics at the minute. If there was a general election tomorrow i'd end up voting Green because no-one else is fit to run this country. Actually if I...
  8. antmanb

    Double Euler.

    It's hard to tell from the footage but I thought the final jump in that sequence was a double toe-walley.
  9. antmanb

    Practice Thread

    @bunnyhop I used to be intimidated by sheer numbers on our practice sessions, but now I realise that numbers are fine if they are all fairly low level skaters because you can predict patterns when they happen slowly. If there are more than three skaters who are attempting triples it is absolute...
  10. antmanb

    The OK Hand Signal Hoax

    Stop trying to make fetch happen.
  11. antmanb

    Post Brexit Thread (2)

    I'm all for a general election, but i'd rather see a coalition emerge between a few different parties than a Jeremy effing Corbyn mess of a government.
  12. antmanb

    Post Brexit Thread (2)

    Thanks for the heads up I think i'll give this a watch.
  13. antmanb

    Quad toeloop from inside three turn entry

    I find it interesting that a Mishin skater (Urmanov) started out doing quads from the inside 3, but the rest of Mishin's students did LFO three turn. Another interesting observation I have had is that most skaters used to use the spiked LFO three turn entrance into quads when they did them, but...
  14. antmanb

    Practice Thread

    Return to the rink following illness and Christmas break was fairly sedate :lol: I spent a lot of time chatting to friends and just stroking, then did moves in my lesson with my coach which went pretty well considering. I had a very slight niggling pain in my back so decided not to risk any...
  15. antmanb

    Lu Chen's 1997 LP?

    :rofl: and people still try to say that IJS is too complicated for the casual viewer :rofl:
  16. antmanb

    Evgenia Medvedeva Cheer thread

    Yes this SP switch is very wise. I really like it.
  17. antmanb

    Really, part deux

    Will be keeping @Gerry and @Really in my thoughts (((((hugs)))))
  18. antmanb

    #TeamTrainwreck 15: His hair didn't have stamina, so why should his athletes?

    I was going to say he's a fan of a gym bulge selfie. It almost makes me want to have an IG account :rofl:
  19. antmanb

    #TeamTrainwreck 15: His hair didn't have stamina, so why should his athletes?

    Wow he really likes the gym :rofl: That would certainly brighten up my gym visits if that was my view :lol: Is he the Spanish judge?