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  1. slicekw

    Gracie Gold withdraws from 2019 US Nationals, looks ahead to future

    Good luck to Gracie. While LarrySK8 is correct, that Gracie needs to have a goal to COMPETE if she plans to be a competitive skater, I exhort you to please bear in mind that rebuilding a mental state from the ground up is much like rebuilding a physical state. You have a clear grasp of the...
  2. slicekw

    Skaters with great basics plus musicality

    I was watching my Instagram feed and saw this clip of Michele Kwan stroking and thought how relaxing it was watching her express the music's feeling. I'd like to see this thread be a place to post links to similar (hopefully longer) videos or just share memories of similar evocative skating. I'm...
  3. slicekw

    Maxim Kovtun Interview (Wining RN, losing 15 kg in 3 weeks, no comfort zone).

    What he describes isn't any different than what the actors that portray superheroes describe when they get into shooting shape, except they take in thousands of extra calories to build muscle and he's not adding muscle weight, just stripping off anything he can to get more jump height and...
  4. slicekw

    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    Old Man River - Paul Robeson (You gotta hear the depth of his voice, it's amazing.)
  5. slicekw

    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    Moon River - Audrey Hepburn
  6. slicekw

    Word Association - Round 120