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  1. aliceanne

    Favorite Skating Conspiracy Theories

    The more persistent conspiracy theory was that Marina sabotaged VM by giving them inferior programs.
  2. aliceanne

    Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane/Starship) Has Passed Away

    My favorite is “Today” from Surrealistic Pillow.
  3. aliceanne

    Bob Woodward book “Fear” there has been an unofficial coup

    I agree. I doubt Woodward fabricated his sources, but anonymous sources and disgruntled former employees are easy to discredit, so I don’t think his book will change any minds or produce any smoking guns. I think we all knew long before Trump became President that he was rude, crude, and...
  4. aliceanne

    Bob Woodward book “Fear” there has been an unofficial coup

    We’ll see how many people are willing to be quoted by name Why do I have to have an angle? Based on the interview I heard the Trump organization shut Woodward down. Yes that says something about the Trump administration but on that basis I don’t expect the book to reveal anything we don’t...
  5. aliceanne

    Bob Woodward book “Fear” there has been an unofficial coup

    Yes I heard that part, but Graham doesn’t work at the White House so he wouldn’t be scheduling or approving interviews with the President. Yes, Trump knew Woodward was writing a book, but he claims he didn’t know any formal request for an interview was made.
  6. aliceanne

    Bob Woodward book “Fear” there has been an unofficial coup

    CSPAN had an interview with Woodward about the book yesterday (it is probably on their website). I came in where they were playing a tape of Woodward telling Trump that the book was coming out. Woodward first told him he was taping, Trump said OK, then they went back and forth for about 10...
  7. aliceanne

    Who are some of the great coaches who have yet to coach an OGM winner?

    Ellen Burka - she coached her daughter to a World Championship, the Bezics, Toller Cranston, Jay Humphreys, and Tracy Wainman among others. She also coached and choreographed Dorothy Hamill during her Olympic year, but Fassi got all the credit. She was known for teaching theater and...
  8. aliceanne

    Fire Devastates Brazil's Oldest Science Museum, Museu Nacional, in Rio de Janeiro

    I read that the fire hydrants nearby weren’t working, and fire fighters had to go to a lake to get water, which wasted a lot of time.
  9. aliceanne

    Whose split or demise surprised you the most? Pick three.

    Yankowska/Coughlin was the biggest disappointment because they had just placed 6th at Worlds, which was a way better than anyone had dared to hope for from a U.S. pair in a long time. Illynich/Katsalopov was even more inexplicable as they had just won an Olympic medal. Seguin/Bilodeau was just...
  10. aliceanne

    Who is your favorite all time singles skater and why?

    I would add Robin Cousins. Here he is at the end of his pro career: Although his tech is relatively low compared to his competitors, his athleticism is still superb ( lands those jumps with no cartilage in his right knee), and his musicality, timing...
  11. aliceanne

    Which skater should write an autobiography?

    Rudy Galindo’s bio talks about his drug use, his relationships with coaches, his family, the Yamaguchis, USFSA, and being gay. It’s not a hatchet job, he admits that there were times when he took advantage of people who tried to help, and coasted on his talent. Interestingly his biggest regret...
  12. aliceanne

    Beat the Heat - Port Carling Ontario

    How old is Joseph Phan? I remember he was popular at 2016 Nationals, but I haven’t heard much about him since.
  13. aliceanne

    Which State Do You Come From?

    I did it twice. The first time it said Hawaii because I am laid back, the second time it said NJ because I am high energy. The only thing that I changed was the first time I chose summer and things that go with it (fedora, sailboat, bare feet etc), the second time I chose winter, boots, wool...
  14. aliceanne

    #TeamTrainwreck 13: Tears, Tits and Tiaras

    I only have one favorite skater left who hasn't made it onto TTW, but she's trying. The Han Yan Fan Van missed the train this year due to 4 flat tires. He is one skater who needs to take this year off to heal whatever ails him, and spend time with his new coaching team to see if his skating...
  15. aliceanne

    Which skater should write an autobiography?

    Fedor Andreev, singles skater, ice dancer, the son of Marina, boyfriend of Tanith, Tessa, Becky Bereswill, and fiance of Meryl Davis. He was also coached by Zueva/Sphilband. I bet he could tell some tales.
  16. aliceanne

    Which skater should write an autobiography?

    I thought it was because she didn't want any more drama with Christopher Dean in the press, and they could hardly avoid writing about him.
  17. aliceanne

    Who were the greatest pro skaters of all time.

    Curry-Cranston-Cousins for the men. Caryn Kadavy, Rory Burghardt, and Lucinda Ruh for the women. Dorothy Hamill was initially known for her technical abilities (which the next generation soon surpassed), but I think her edges and flow improved tremendously over the years as a pro. Even...
  18. aliceanne

    Do champion skaters make good coaches?

    I think champion skaters have more opportunities in the skating world than coaching. They have the name recognition to give seminars or be consultants. Orser said in one interview that he makes more money doing that than coaching. As an added bonus you don’t have to deal with parents...
  19. aliceanne

    Who Was the Best Television Character of All Time?

    I remember Steed and Mrs. Peel fondly. They were a campy send-up of all the Cold War spy dramas that were so popular in the mid-sixties, but there were some sincere moments. I saw earlier versions of the series with Honor Blackman and it was more noir detective. Al Bundy/ Married with...
  20. aliceanne

    Plastic straw ban

    i've never noticed plastic straws on the beach, but Mylar balloons on the other hand are a real menace. We were walking on several beaches on the lower Chesapeake Bay, and they were everywhere with their strings all tangled in trash and debris. We tried picking them up, but there were way...