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  1. MorganaLefay

    Sergei Voronov cheer thread

    So happy for Sergei! Even though I am not a big fan of his SS (he looks better live than on TV), I cannot help but admire his perseverance and his quads toes. Also, I very much enjoy his TV commentary throughout this season and in the past. He comes through as very knowledgeable, balanced and...
  2. MorganaLefay

    Your Favorite Programs of the Season (So far)

    Kostornaia so and lp on the junior circuit blew me away: the music pieces do not have the war horse umph but her talent really shines through in interpreting these pieces.
  3. MorganaLefay

    Can't Help Falling In Love ... with Hubbell & Donohue (fan thread #2)

    Scruffet, yes, she reminds me of Albena too: I think it's the power and sophistication as well as an amazing improvement for both of these ladies over the years. They also seem to have a very similar leg line, no gangly emaciation, just sheer power, control and confidence. Totally agree that...
  4. MorganaLefay

    From Russia with love [#28]: Autumn to Winter 2017

    I am annoyed by Jenya's Anna Karenina, it's so fakish, even in comparison to Pogo's exhibition, not to mention Kostornaia's natural musicality and choreo for a less relatable music that she interprets seamlessly. What are the 3 open/close your face exaggerated arm movements, what are they...
  5. MorganaLefay

    Tickets for sale or wanted

    Looking for an all-event or individual tickets for Thurs, Friday and Sat for the Worlds in Helsinki in the lower bowl. Please PM me. Thank you.
  6. MorganaLefay

    German Skating News - Part 3

    I really loved S/M long program, not so much the SP (other than 3A and the twist, which were both stunning). Does anyone know if Massot is working on his posture? It is really distracting when compared to Aliona's.
  7. MorganaLefay

    Ermolina/Flade's interview with Sotskova/Buyanova

    Sounds fantastic, cannot wait to see the new programs!
  8. MorganaLefay

    From Russia with love [#23]: Spring/Summer 2016

    T&M's weakest element is their step sequence--they really slow down, it's very noticeable and makes them 'boring' to watch, especially when compared to the smooth intricacies of S&K. However, in terms of element development, I can see T&M doing quad twist very easily and it's hard to imagine...
  9. MorganaLefay

    Tickets for sale or wanted

    I'd like to attend the men's practice on April 1 in the morning. If anyone is willing to lend me their practice pass for just that single practice session, kindly let me know. Will pay $20 for it.
  10. MorganaLefay

    Bobrova and Soloviev out of Worlds

    From Bobrova's interviews and reactions it's clear that (i) athletes on Team Russia do not make their own decisions in terms of medications, (ii) are closely supervised by doctors who are willing to give them substances that have not been officially banned (and in this case, a mistake was made...
  11. MorganaLefay

    Maria SOTSKOVA - poetry on ice

    Love her! She is definitely a highlight of this year's Barcelona trip!
  12. MorganaLefay

    Zdravvstyj Tania, kak zhisn'? Na Grand Prix sobiraeshsia? Ja skoree vsego tam bydy, nadejus'...

    Zdravvstyj Tania, kak zhisn'? Na Grand Prix sobiraeshsia? Ja skoree vsego tam bydy, nadejus' chto Chan tozhe:)
  13. MorganaLefay

    NYC Ballet Fans, part 2

    I saw SB on Tue with Vishneva/Gomez, and it was so interesting. The "stylized" choreo was both consistent and convincing--I felt immersed in the gone-by days, and as per Diagilev, that's what SB is all about. Some costumes were odd, but overall, so interesting.
  14. MorganaLefay

    NYC Ballet Fans, part 2

    Despite Marge's advice, I saw Mikhailovsky's ballet last night with Vasiliev. The experience was quite enjoyable (we also got discounted tix via TDF and it was an amazing value). First, it's a very traditional production, with the color palette reminiscent of childhood color photos that are...
  15. MorganaLefay

    The Tatsuki Machida thread

    I first saw Machida at last year's Skate America in Detroit and he was incredible: he hardly did any jumping during the practice sessions but during the actual competition he was on fire and then some! In fact, he impressed me more than Dai (who is a skating god in my book). After the...
  16. MorganaLefay

    NYC Ballet Fans, part 2

    Is anyone going to see Mikhailovsky? If they still have tix, I'd like to go to Giselle with Osipova and the mixed dance program.
  17. MorganaLefay

    NYC Ballet Fans, part 2

    Hey Marge, I saw the Firebird last night, and I thought it was a spoof as well:) However, I had the benefit of the best Firebird ever--Osipova, who literally flew, so I was a happy camper despite all choreographic oddities. Overall, a highly entertaining piece. I have tix to Vishneva's R/J...
  18. MorganaLefay

    So are you going this Friday to Coppelia? (did not understand your message). I plan to go...

    So are you going this Friday to Coppelia? (did not understand your message). I plan to go too--no ticket yet, but hope it's not a problem. Yes, I hate Coppelia too and that's why I am not doing Thurs (for Vasiliev) and Friday (Osipova) in a row, and sticking just with her:) can you email me...