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  1. gkelly

    The Pointless and Petty Annoyances Thread

    I hope my grandmother had an 8th grade graduation a century ago, since she finished her schooling at that point and went to work. As was not uncommon at the time.
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    ISU Singles & Pairs Scale of Values, Levels, and GOE guidelines for 2019-20 season

    Quality of technical elements has always been part of the scoring. Quality of jumps has always been part of the scoring, alongside the difficulty thereof. IJS allows more transparency about where skaters are gaining and losing points for each element. The <, <<, e, and ! calls allow more...
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    ISU Singles & Pairs Scale of Values, Levels, and GOE guidelines for 2019-20 season

    This explanation is at least 9-10 years old, not taking into account the "underrotated" distinction that was introduced 9 years ago. There was a general consensus back then that scoring a well-controlled but 91-degrees-underrotated triple as if it were a bad double was too harsh. So there have...
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    Coughlin's Former Pairs Partner Alleges He Abused Her

    USFS does not pay significant amounts, if anything, for skaters' training at junior and novice levels when this kind of abusive relationship between partners might be more likely to occur. The minuscule amounts the more successful teams at those levels might earn in envelope funding would be a...
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    New Ladies Quads and Orser-exit, news during May-day holidays.

    If we're harking back to female quads before Miki Ando, then we mustn't forget Surya Bonaly.
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    U.S. Ladies [#26]: Bell, Boots, and Camel

    A requirement how? There are many reasons why 3-3 will not be officially required in the junior short program (for men or ladies) throughout the US or internationally. It won't be required just to enter junior-level competitions on a domestic level. It would be possible to set minimum scores...
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    2018 Fall-Spring TV New/Returning Shows

    As I understand: She was regent for Tommen at the time that he died, either de jure or de facto (it wasn't clear how old he was supposed to be, but apparently a minor). His claim was through the Baratheon line even though he wasn't really a Baratheon. Everyone else with an obvious claim through...
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    2018 Fall-Spring TV New/Returning Shows

    I said that here: that she was raised to believe the Iron Throne was her birthright, to make the point that her desire for that power existed all along, not as a result of corruption. But you're right, it is a little more complicated than that. Viserys raised her to believe that he was the...
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    The Problem with Body Image in Figure Skating

    The best dancer in my college ballet class was about 5'5"/150 lbs. She had outgrown a typical ballet body type, but as a fit 20-year-old with high-level skills, she would have been enjoyable to watch in choreography designed to play to her strengths. That's a very narrow range of body types...
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    Sports Illustrated article on Alysa Liu

    A double axel and a triple axel are not the same jump. You can do a double for one element (in this case the required solo axel) and a triple in the combination. We saw that all the time from senior men in the 1990s while the solo axel was still required to be double. We also saw it at least...
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    2018 Fall-Spring TV New/Returning Shows

    She was raised to believe the throne was her birthright.
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    2018 Fall-Spring TV New/Returning Shows

    I would say not so much "corrupt" as power hungry and entitled.
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    College administration bribery scandal

    And there was an early plotline about a character earning money by taking exams, including college entrance exams, for people who paid him to do so.
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    What is Davis and White's legacy in the sport?

    I expect each team will leave more of a legacy in their home country than internationally.
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    Penalties from program interruption

    Rules about interruptions have changed several times since the 1990s (and probably before). For the current rules, see the current ISU rulebook, rule 515.
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    Ice Dance Requirements for Technical Rules season 2019/20

    Yes, they would need two different RDs. Prior to 2011, they would have needed to prepare different compulsory dances, but the ODs would usually have worked for either level. With the Short Dance and now Rhythm Dance, the compulsory pattern has always been different for juniors and seniors. If...
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    Ice Dance Requirements for Technical Rules season 2019/20

    Well, they are adding some new patterns to be used in the pattern dance sections. E.g., this will be the first time for the Tea Time Foxtrot (in Juniors), and the Finnstep is also relatively new. But they can't add a dance to the rotation until it is approved, so depending how long the cycle...
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    The first time I competed, my stamina was not very good and I wasn't used to skating whole programs without stopping. So my focus was more on getting through the program than on the fact that there were people watching.
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    The Percentage of American Adults Not Having Sex Has Reached a Record High

    But if you like being single, there's nothing wrong with it. Or wrong with you. I made that choice for myself. There were other things I preferred to do than searching for a partner when I wasn't sure I wanted one to begin with.