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  • You can say that again! She's not the only one on my "ignore" list for that reason. Gee, I really appreciate that feature!
    HI, there. Consider it a badge of honor if judgejudy adds you to her "ignore" list. I don't know if she knows it, but she is on mine, and for good reason. All she does is bash so many wonderful skaters, while acting like an authority of skating.
    Hi! Just dropping by. Just wanted you to know that I like Patrick Chan, too. Love his artistry and footwork. Hope your day goes well. :)
    Hi spikydurian, Glad you enjoy Patrick Chan. I enjoy some of his skating too, and I'm sure he is working hard on improving his artistry and musicality. Emdee makes good points and its wonderful for her how much she loves watching Patrick. However, for Emdee to state that those who "snipe at him are just jealous," is clearly an extreme and overly defensive comment for her to make. Ziggy's critiques are not "snipes" and neither are most of the critical comments I've seen in the thread. No one is in there lambasting Patrick, IMO.
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