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    James Comey Fired

    White privilege.
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    US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring

    Also a way to grow their base. Adoptions only allowed if you are straight married, Christian, white, and homeschool. Have to be sure that child never interacts with anyone different. Im sure there will be no abuse or sex trafficking in those orphanages either (sarcasm).
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    US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring

    Saw this post in a comment thread on FB yesterday and it is completely true: "To the “conservative” citizenry of America: You now control every branch of the United States government - executive, legislative & finally judicial. You will laugh & celebrate, briefly. It won’t last. I know you...
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    US Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retiring

    A room full of police officers gave Trump a rousing ovation today as he spoke about the lying women. A detective I know posted a nasty meme calling us all crybabies and even my mother posted a slightly offensive meme. I just want to scream at every single one of them that THIS, exactly THIS is...
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    2018 U.S. Elections - Midterms & More

    People were interviewed at the MO State Fair and a woman said her biggest issue was stricter gun control; however, she is Republican and will be voting Republican in November. I'm at a loss for words at this point.
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    Michelle Kwan Worlds Short Program 1996

    She had so much attack and such momentum that season, I will always "what if" the change of year for the Winter Olympics. I truly believe she would have won a 1996 Olympics (and would have made the team even if Kerrigan/Harding were still competing).
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    It is giving me so much hope, if we make it 10 more years as a country I think there will be real change. The 11 year old girl was amazing, need to write her name down as she is future POTUS.
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    Anna Cappellini/Luca Lanotte fan thread

    The look Anna gave Lucca during the final moves in their program had me in tears. So wonderful to have their final competitive skate on home ice. They will be missed.
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    Alina Zagitova cheer thread

    I hope she sticks around and improves. I don't deny her technical prowess or her strategy to rack up points, I just don't find her "fully cooked". This result may be hard to shake. We will find out her mental toughness from here on out. She now goes out there proving her OGM was not a fluke...
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    Dangers of a Trump Presidency--Part 7

    There are still numerous positions that haven't been named since his election and he's busy "draining the swamp" of people he hired. This is an absolute disaster!
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    NBC Network Olympics Coverage

    Turns out 4K is not live, so I ended up with the Australian announcer just like everyone else, it still looked pretty good on the 4K TV. Might watch after the Olympics are over but right now I'm struggling to keep up with the live events.
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    NBC Network Olympics Coverage

    My menu bar has no settings option, which I find odd. I did figure it out, I just went through settings everywhere I could find on my TV and found a place where it showed captions were on. It is now off and I can watch skating in peace! :cheer:
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    NBC Network Olympics Coverage

    That's a thought, time to figure out my Google Fiber settings.
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    NBC Network Olympics Coverage

    Finally got the NBC app up and running on my Samsung 4K TV. However, it is showing anything I watch with Closed Captioning. I see no setting options with the TV app and Closed Captioning is off on my TV. Internet search is not helping-any ideas? Guess I may have to decide tonight between...
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    Best Oscar nominated picture, in Your opinion?

    Am I the only one that found Get Out to just be an updated take on The Stepford Wives? I enjoyed it's societal commentary told in an entertaining way, but I didn't find it groundbreaking. The fact that Dunkirk used prison labor excludes it from my consideration and sadly I have not had a...