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  • Yes but (the all important but), Patricks Sp had him in so much of a lead, andif Dennis could have just done that one more jump, etc etc. Personally I think the penalty for a fall should be the jump value not included at all, plus at least a 2 - 3 point penalty. Then with one fall, if the skater is truly as gifted a skater as Chan is (and I truly believe he is the greatest male skater there has ever been. Skater, not just jumper) it would be so very much harder to win that first place with an unclean skate. I must say I was more offended by Caro's silver a few years ago at worlds when she looked like Bambi trying out her new legs on a frozen pond (an FSU posters comment), and even more by Laura Lepisto's bronze with only two triples and a whole bunch of doubles. What sort of World medalist does those items. CHeers.
    Ozziskater: "Yep, good point.Ha! Thank goodness you pointed it out not JJ."
    Let me say it would be a good thing for this sport if Patrick did not have the taint of judges' love scarring his wins through no fault of his own. I feel bad that IJS has contributed to making such a mockery of figure skating that it has prevented me from being able to truly enjoy watching Patrick skate. The point is, he needs to skate clean from here to eternity to overcome the ignominy. He had such a good skate going in the fp, but he was rushing too much and he lost focus. It's not good to be rewarded for those kind of mistakes on multiple occasions.
    There was a joint interview with the Denney girls that played during the exhibition (on NBC). That's where they Tebowed.
    PrincessLeppard who is working retail in addition to her teaching job. Every other Tuesday they have staff meetings where she learns that people no longer work there. Her comment has been - why should she bother learning names anymore. :)
    Thanx for the rep!
    I gotta remember that expression you used ("code whoring").....lol! ...good one! :)
    ROFL. He can blame Vera for that! He is just such a hypocrite. At SA at the Friends of Figure Skating breakfast, when he knew he wasn't being recorded, his voice was distinctly higher and far more effeminate. His clothes styling might be seen as Metrosexual by some but gay by others. My friends and I saw it as the latter
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