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    German Skating News 2019/2020

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    Medicine for colds and flu - yeah or nay?

    As a physician, I'm glad to see that no one here has recommended antibiotics, so at least that message has gotten out... If one more person asks me for a Z-pack for a viral illness, I can't promise I won't stab them in the throat. I'm sure this won't hold up in court...
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    When is the right time to put puss to sleep?

    I had to put my beagle to sleep last week. He started to have terrible seizures that were hard to control. There is no right or wrong decision with what you described. Personally, if he is eating, drinking, and affectionate, I would wait a bit longer. I also understand if you don't want to wait...
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    Real Estate Questions

    That's not fair- none of your previous posts suggest that.
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    Real Estate Questions

    I don't know if every state is the same, but in Texas, now that you know that the roof needs to be repaired, you are legally obligated to report it on a seller's disclosure even if you drop out of this deal and then list your home again later.
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    Real Estate Questions

    Regarding the realtor, you keep saying that he should be fighting to get you more money. That is only part of it- you also hired him to get your house sold. Everyone loves to beat on realtors, but from what you have described, your realtor is doing real work for you. Appraisals are great, but in...
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    Real Estate Questions

    As I see it, at this point you (as the seller) cannot just back out of the deal. After some initial negotiations, you agreed to an offer in writing and signed a contract. However, it sounds like that offer was contingent on the inspection. This is means to protect the buyer, not you. If the...
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    Air bnb business- anyone with experience ?

    I'm sure you already did a quick Google search, but this may be helpful:
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    Oahu Honolulu Waikiki Hawaii Travel Advice

    I have a condo in Waikiki and lived there for 6 years. I used to visit 3-4 times a year before I moved to Germany. I'm going to retire there. There are like a billion tourists to Oahu every year and everything has been reviewed to death online, and clearly you have done your research already...
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    Home buying financial question

    Why did you decide to buy a house in the first place if the debt is stressing you out?
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    Home buying financial question

    The effect won't negatively affect your credit.
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    Home buying financial question

    If your balances are small and you pay them off regularly, it shows that you use credit responsibly. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    London Heathrow Airport info for long layover

    There are several hotels adjacent to the airport: It rains a lot, though, so if you go outside, wear boots.
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    vacation in Germany in October

    That seems like a lot to do in 9 days, especially if you want to add on Amsterdam. Have you visited Germany before? (I hope you're not hoping to go to Oktoberfest, because that is mostly in September!) Most of what I'll put here are for first-timers. The weather in October can be all over the...
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    Gun violence (Again!)

    They'll have to ask permission from Trump first.
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