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    Veldig, veldig glad for å høre at du har det bra!! Det har vært noen merklige dager, alt annet blir liksom uvesentlig... stor klem tilbake til deg, fra Tove:)
    Hi José!

    Thank you for the message. Hope you are doing well! Things are quite good here. I am moving out of my apartment by the end of the year and still searching for a new one to buy, so that takes up most of my free time. Stressful. :lol:.

    Yes, I enjoyed seeing Daisuke back. I've really missed him! But the FS was not a very good experience for neither of us, I guess. Hopefully both Jeremy and Dai will bounce back.

    Do you have any competitions you are hoping to attend in the near future? I'm thinking about Torino next year, but really I want to go to Japan in 2011 (I'm currently studying Japanese, and would love to test it out!) Reico (the Japanese girl I was sitting next to in Gothenburg) will go to the Olympics - I am quite envious! :)

    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    Take care,
    Hi Helene, how are you??? hope you enjoyed the men's sp with Daisuke comeback on the ice!! I just love Jeremy skating and I am thrilled about the good short program he did, I would have put him in first, no matter the quad by Joubert but we have to wait and see the free skate tomorrow
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