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    Skate America Fan Cutouts available for purchase

    They should have cardboard judges
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    2020 Skate Canada International has been cancelled

    The complication is that Skate Canada has to abide by the province of Ontario regulation that only allows 10 people in a group activity right now.
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    Battle of the Blades is returning to CBC this Fall!

    Here is some info on Violetta and her husband:
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2019/2020 season: News and Updates

    Thanks. It's interesting watching the national teams and world teams shape up.
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    Canadian Ice Dance 2019/2020 season: News and Updates

    Did the novice champions Sandrine Gauthier and Quentin Thierin get an assignment? The other top novice teams went to Bavaria. Forgive me if I missed something.
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    Hersh/Age Minimums - Oh well, nothing else to argue about until Worlds

    Skate Canada has aligned itself with all other sports in Canada and follows LTAD (long term athlete development). It is a national sport structure and philosophy that all the sport federations are now operating under in the country. It is designed to address the healthy growth and development of...
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    Canadian Pairs 2019/2020 Season News and Updates

    Where is the main entry page link? Glad it's finally out.
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    2019-20 Canadian ladies news and updates

    What is going on with junior champion Hannah Dawson? She is registered in senior for the Quebec summer competition.
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    Canadian Men 2018-19 season news & updates

    This is also my experience, and pretty common in Canada.
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    Canadian Men 2018-19 season news & updates

    It kind of seems like BO is focusing more on the international skaters at the Toronto Cricket Club and LB on the Canadian ones, but who knows.
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    Recommendations for books on figure skating

    Skate Talk is great. Anything by Steve Milton is good. Canada's absolute best skating writer. He is in the Skate Canada Hall of Fame as a builder.
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    Comeback kids- skaters who made comebacks from illness or injuries

    Kaetlyn Osmond had a severely broken leg that required surgery and seven screws to repair and came back to win a world title a few years later.
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    UPDATED: Jason Brown to Brian Orser (official)

    Completely on a tangent but why is the Cricket Club called the Cricket Club? The Cricket Club is an amalgamation of the very old Toronto Cricket Club, the Toronto Skating Club and the Toronto Curling Clubs into one club facility. It is an exclusive high end private members club with full sports...
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    Canadian Pairs 2017/2018 Season News and Updates

    Equipe is the French word for team.
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    It's that time again! 2018 post-canadians annual pairs and dance splits (and retirements post Olys)

    Christian Reekie is judging at Ursula Leeming Scarboro Skate this weekend.
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