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    Rock the Rink 2019 (Virtue/Moir, Chan, Stojko, Osmond, Kostner, Abbott)

    It was nice to see them reconnect with Charlie White again. Kudos to them for inviting him to lead the development of the group choreography, and to him for agreeing. From some Instagram stories, it seems that Tanith hung out with the cast too during the choreo process. It's great that despite...
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    Rock the Rink 2019 (Virtue/Moir, Chan, Stojko, Osmond, Kostner, Abbott)

    The arena was packed at the show I attended. Having enjoyed the show so much, I tried to get a ticket to another nearby performance, but it was sold out. The lower population density near some of the smaller western venues probably made it difficult to sell as high a percentage of seats there...
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    Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir #48: Long Time Running

    An excellent review of their Rock the Rink tour from Jacquelyn Thayer (Two for the Ice): Rock the Rink Offers a Pure Vision of Skating One of the best skating shows I've attended; beautifully-choreographed group numbers, great skating skills on display.
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    CBC Revives Battle of the Blades Skating Show!

    I'm like that when I hear 76 Trombones. Loved the Fourteenstep. Good times! :)
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    Tickets for sale or wanted

    Looking for a ticket to Rock the Rink in Oshawa, Sat. Nov. 9. If you have an extra one to sell, please PM me.
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    The Dance Hall 6: We're All Off Our Rockers 2018-2019

    The link to all sports videos is here: (then click on Figure Skating box) Here is the free dance: Rhythm dance...
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    The Dance Hall 6: We're All Off Our Rockers 2018-2019

    It's commentary-free, but in Canada CBC streamed the whole competition. The full-event recordings are up on the CBC Sports website.
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    Really, part deux

    Sending positive thoughts!
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    Canadian Pairs 2018/2019 Season News and Updates

    Cirque took a break from mid-November till the end of the month. So she could have tried out with him then (just speculation, of course).
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    Canadian Pairs 2018/2019 Season News and Updates

    A quote from the original (Nov 15) Radio-Canada article: "J’ai vraiment eu un pincement au cœur quand j’ai vu les compétitions, surtout qu’il y avait Patinage Canada à Laval. Ça m’a fait quelque chose, mais j’essaie de me réconforter en me disant que l’année prochaine, les Championnats du monde...
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    Canadian Pairs 2018/2019 Season News and Updates

    The text of the Radio-Canada article says his goal is to compete at Worlds in Montreal...which would require a partner who's already at a high level. Cirque is on a break for a couple of weeks...wonder if there have been any sightings of Lubov in Montreal?
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    Canadian Pairs 2017/2018 Season News and Updates

    Same last name, different skater. (Sebastien Wolfe was with Jessica.) This is Drew Wolfe.
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    2017 Stars on Ice Canada tour (April 28-May 18)

    Thanks for that memory! I was there too in Hamilton for '93 Canadians, and the atmosphere for the men's warm-up and final group was just electric. Bought a ticket from a scalper to upgrade my seat for the men's event, and it was so worth it. Hope Elvis has a quick recovery; it's great to see him...
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    Savchenko/Massot Fan Thread

    That program was magnificent. Kudos to them.:encore:
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    Paul and Islam: "No Matter What"

    P/I have to skate well, and impress, at their international outings. If they do so consistently, they will get stronger support from SC. Unfortunately they have been somewhat error-prone in the past, hopefully they are overcoming this, because they are lovely skaters. They did go to the...
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