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    Practice Thread

    We call that spin a Mushroom...I don't know why!
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    Best skates for narrow heels/thin ankles

    I wear Risport which are generally considered to be quite narrow. A few years ago I tried on Edea's when I had the chance but I felt like I could move my feet from side to side in them so I got the same boot again. I bought Jerry's Gel Sleeves to protect my ankles when I was breaking them but...
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    Practice Thread

    Thank you :) It's been 6 months already and I really miss jumping but for now I suppose I'll settle for being able to do anything!
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    Practice Thread

    I skated today! :cheer: Nothing to report on since I have a bad hip injury and am limited to just doing turns and edges but today I was satisfied just to be on the ice. I'm sure frustration will set in again soon!
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