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    The annual Costumes thread 2019-2020

    That Canadian man in the black leather and zippers. -BB
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    Trusova breaks 100 in TES.

    The television schedule showed figure skating on NBC Sunday afternoon. I did not see figure skating. I saw Russian girls doing gymnastics on ice. I saw atrocious dresses paired with offensive "popular" music. I heard yet more pandering,flamboyant comments from Weir and his minion. I made it...
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    2019 Japan Open, October 5 + Carnival on Ice gala

    "Ladies" figure skating ended in the early nineties,dear. Pure class. I would prefer to watch Miss Mansfield over any of the "ladies" here. After all,even a little camp is preferable to the banal gymnastics routine that won gold here. Sadly,figure skating and art became mutually exclusive...
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    To Sing for the Day - Round 21

    Goodbye Day - Belinda Carlisle
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    I don't know her. The Russians are all identical to me. I find the French ostentatious,turgid and excessively flamboyant—all which have no place in ice dancing. -BB
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    What are your favorite figure skating books?

    Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold, Steve Milton Primer of Figure Skating, Maribel Y. Vinson -BB
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    And the award for most pretentious music selection of 2019-2020 goes to... -BB
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    BUZZFEED QUIZ: Which Figure Skating Warhorse Are You?

    I am Hungarian Rhapsody in the streets,Carmen in the sheets. -BB
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    Davis and White #36: What a Wonderful World

    Those wedding photos are pure class. Fabulous. -BB
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    2019-20 Canadian Men news & updates

    That is a tempting invitation,but Rusty insisted I attend Skate America in Las Vegas this year. -BB
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    U.S. Ladies [#26]: Bell, Boots, and Camel

    For your information,I have several homosexual friends. Needless to say,they are not as overly sensitive as some on this forum. By pandering I refer to the multitude of distractions figure skating uses to take attention away from the less-than-stellar skating. Cross-dressing commentators on...
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    2019-20 Canadian Men news & updates

    I'm disappointed I won't get to see Mr. Nadeau's assets in person at Skate America. -BB
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    Is anyone using Hungarian Rhapsody yet? -BB
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    U.S. Ladies [#26]: Bell, Boots, and Camel

    I certainly hope the United States Figure Skating Association reinstates compulsory figures in competition. It is the clearest path to return figure skating to it's previous glory. Figure skating used to be art on ice. Now we have choppy gymnastics on ice that panders to millennials and the...
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    2019-2020 Programs and Choreographers

    A soundtrack from a pornographic film has absolutely no place in our sport. I’m distressed so many don’t even bat an eyelash at the vulgar implications this sets. -BB