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    If we get a 3 to 6, we're really ****ed.
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    Is Michelle Kwan underrated

    Totally agree! So pretty!
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    Is Michelle Kwan underrated

    Underrated? No. Overrated? Potentially but imo no. Just 10 to 15 years ago people wouldn't shut up about her. So many people regard her as perfect and the greatest of all time. Explain to me how that's underrated?
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    I was making masks and ran out of elastic so I substituted in strips of that lining that's used in skating dresses (I make my own dresses) and it's so much more comfortable than regular elastic imo, so if any of you guys have any of that lying around, try it.
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    I should try this and see if it helps.
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    I waited 3 weeks (15 hours on ice) to have a lesson. Same reason. It was totally worth it.
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    When and how should we open schools?

    I will say, for many students, online school will teach better time management. It helped me when I was doing online school and now I think I can manage my time a lot better than I could before. But it's really detrimental for people who need a lot of attention (though that's on the schools). A...
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    Yep! It gets in my eyes while doing on doubles and above. Most spins where the body is upright (scratches, sit spins without variations, biellmanns without a layback entry for example) are generally fine, but the second there is some sort of movement (camels, laybacks, illusions, etc.) it's just...
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    Foods/Drinks You Have Tried and NEVER AGAIN!

    ricotta gnocchi. too bitty and weird flavor.
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    Re-opening rinks with social distancing

    The amount of people who are bothering to come for ice time is decreasing to the point where I feel comfortable not wearing a mask while jumping and spinning, so that's good. It was making high level spins and jumps very uncomfortable. They have open bathrooms at my rink but only one person...
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    Roller Skating for Ice Skaters

    I haven't tried but they look super fun! Do turns feel the same/similar?
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    2020 Governing Council... Novices doing quads?

    This is super late but I finally got around to reading the changes I'm so disappointed that they are encouraging this. It's such a young age to be doing quads on a growing body. 13 is the minimum age for Junior, do...
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    Tennell announces coaching change to Zakrajsek

    I would disagree that you are born with a "fluid body." I know of professional dancers that were the opposite of graceful until they were 13 or even 14. You can't change your body, but you can change how you use it.
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    BUZZFEED QUIZ: Which Figure Skating Coach Are You?

    I got Raf. "Tough love is your language." Sounds about right.
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