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Akira Andrea
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May 28, 2017
Nov 3, 2006
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Akira Andrea

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May 28, 2017
    1. gap775_2007
      Do you have a copy of this event?

      As for “Dreams on Ice 2011” in June 25th, all players and their programs which were broadcasted today are as follows.

      Ryuichi Kihara: “Violin Concerto”
      Yuki Nishino: “Time to Say Goodby”
      Kento Nakamura: “Fugata” by Piazzola
      Miyabi Oba: Shall We Dance”
      Keiji Tanaka: “The Untouchable”
      Risa Shoji: "Rapunzel on the Tower" from "Tanglet"
      Daisuke Murakami: SP “The Feeling Begins”
      Haruka Imai: I’m into Something Good”
      Takahito Mura: SP "Aranjuez”
      Fumie Suguri: “Girls on the Dance Floor”
      Jingu Ice Messengers Grace (Synchronized Skating Team): “Footprints in Sand”
      Akiko Suzuki: “Burlesque”
      Yuzuru Hanyu: “Romeo + Juliet”
      Cathy Reed & Chris Reed: “Lady Grinning Soul”
      Kanako Murakami: “Amarti Si”
      Narumi Takahashi & Marbin Tran: “Imagine”
      Nobunari Oda: I can See Clearly Now”
      Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov: L’amore Sei Tu”
      Stephane Lambiel: “Rachmaninov’s Plelude in G minor"
      Takahiko Kozuka: “Free Fallin’ ”
      Miki Ando: “A Thousand Winds”
    2. FrouFrou
      Thanks for the translations! You're awesome. I'm always grateful for your hard work and kindness. :)
    3. wishmaker
      Akira, don't feel bad about people not responding to your thread on Mao. Don't worry, I'm here to appreciate your hard, great and marvelous works. So, chin up, okay
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